Universe within us…

It’s clear that we’re in the universe, but it’s also said that the universe is within us. Can you elaborate?

The more we understand the true nature of man, the more we improve- or can better determine- our connection with the universe. The more we develop our spiritual intelligence, the more we become aware of the fact that all is connected, and the more intelligent the universe seems to us. The universe always gives back what we put in it, only it does it infinitely more.


Laws and Regulations

You give the impression that you favor a society at its most natural. Do you really believe that we can live without laws and regulations?

Laws and regulations are the lowest forms of authority. Civilizations that impose an abundance of laws lose their natural state of simplicity. History has repeatedly taught us that rules of law and of good conduct, only serve to strengthen authority, and have the effect of decreasing people’s ability to think on their own- the more the rules, the less people think.  It is preferable to limit laws to a minimum to respect fundamental freedoms, both of the people as a whole, and as individuals.

Myths on the Origin of Life

There are many myths about the origin of life and about the afterlife. What is your personal view?

Myths about the origin of life have existed since time immemorial. These stories and legends might differ in content and details depending on the culture expressing them, but what they all have in common is that they all refer to a time when Love was abundant between all people and where life was perfect. Each myth gives its own version of this era, and very often, the myth becomes a belief. The stories themselves are of little importance, but what we can retain from them is that at some point in time, this perfect Love was fragmented, but its memory- what pure love really is- resides in every living heart.

Messages… Inner Power

Inner power, intuition, instinct, inner voice, etc… are all the same thing.

Music in this video is by Le Trio Joubran from their 2011 album “AsFar”

Song title: Dawwaw El Shams (means ‘sun’ or ‘sunflower’)

Inner and Outer World

How can we unite our inner and outer world?

We do that by examining what prevents this union.  As long as we’re persuaded that something must be concrete or tangible to be real, we approach the world with a limited conscience. There exists a state beyond time-space that conceives, creates, and controls all events happening in our time-space. The access to this higher state of consciousness- in other words, this inner world- requires a cleansing or purifying process. It’s a process in which we let go of our opinions and beliefs, and experience the world in a more innocent, spontaneous and joyful manner. It’s the cognizance of the heart that naturally unites all inner and outer reality, transcends it, and connects it with our Source.

What happens to us after death?

What happens to us after death?

This question raises another question: who are we- or better yet- what dies?  We’ve given ourselves an identity- which is none other than a product of our conditioning- by seeing ourselves as a real and lasting person. But where is this person? On what do we base this? Examining this in a perceptive way and inviting the mind to enter into another dimension—the Absolute— we realize that life and death are but phases of one and the same existence.

Ego and Self-image

What is your opinion on the relationship between ego and self-image? How can we diminish our ego without affecting our self-image?

Our self-esteem comes from who we believe ourselves to be. We become what our thoughts tell us we should be. When we understand how this works, we perceive better what we are not, and that we are in reality, other than what we have made ourselves to be. We discover a greater beauty in us, one which is not from the ego, but emanating from deep within us. This beauty is none other than Love. The more in harmony we are with this beauty from within, the more we perceive the sensory world, as well as ourselves, as beautiful.