Interpreting ‘Signs’

“I’d like to talk about signs again.” he said.
“What would you like to know?” answered Mauro.
“How can we interpret signs correctly?” he asked curiously.
“By calling on our inner power and having confidence in it.”
“You mean that ‘little voice’?” asked Nathan.
“The name we call it is of little importance. We can call it ‘inner power’, ‘little voice’, ‘intuition’ or a multitude of other names, but they often mean the same thing. The most important thing is to learn how to release that inner force.”
“But how do we do that?”
“When we let our feelings guide us, we live more consciously, and so we allow that inner power to clarify the messages present in every situation.”

Your intuition is like a gateway to the beyond. It gives you invaluable information and helps lead you in the right direction. The more you learn to listen to it and interpret what it tells you, the stronger it gets -or at least, the more awareness you have of it- and the more guidance you get in life.

Angels Amongst Us

“In your opinion, what do you think are earth’s most precious treasures?” Nathan asked.
Adnan did not answer right away, and looked at Nathan as if he had been preparing for this moment for a long time. As for Nathan, he intuitively felt that Adnan was about to confide something very important.
“The most precious treasures are the angels.” Adnan answered.
“The angels?” Nathan asked a little taken aback.
Adnan nodded his head in confirmation. Nathan rephrased his question:
“I was referring to earthly treasures.”
But Adnan again confirmed his answer with an air of assurance:
“It happens that angels come visit us.” He said.
Nathan was speechless as he looked at Adnan. The latter seemed to really believe what he was saying.
“How do we recognize them?” He finally asked.
“They look like us, but are different in their way of being.” Adnan answered.
“How are they different?” Nathan enquired.
“An angel is always open and affectionate, both with people they know and strangers alike. That is how they bring out the best in humans.”
“Do they do this to change people?” Nathan asked curiously.
“Angels never try to change those they interact with. They behave that way without any expectations.” Adnan answered.
“They behave that way without any personal interest?”
“Angels have an abundant joy of living that is effortless. They are naturally happy.” Adnan explained.
Adnan’s words incited Nathan to reflect. A preoccupying question came to mind: “Why are they here amongst us?” He asked.
“They take on a human form when they have a specific mission to accomplish. Once that mission is fulfilled, they disappear.” Adnan answered.

It is very possible that there are people/beings who come to earth with a higher mission then the average person, and they are very aware of their mission right from the start, unlike most of us. Believing in the possibility of angels is not a religious thing at all. There are just people around us who by their very presence emanate a positive energy that has the effect of potentially changing those around them for the better. Have I ever personally met such people/angels? Possibly, although I can never be certain. but  there have been “random” people I’ve run into that just by a smile, instantly and completely changed my mood, thoughts, feelings for the better and ultimately led me to do something positive, and sometimes on an ongoing basis. So who’s to say those people were not angels?

I’m speaking for myself, and not the author in expressing this.

Uncertainty is Good…

“When we let our feelings guide us, we live more consciously, and so we allow that inner power to clarify the messages present in every situation.”

Nathan was captivated by this conversation with his father! He sensed very deeply that what he was learning now would be invaluable to him for the rest of his life. Mauro got up and approached the river. Bending down on one knee, he stared ahead into the void for several minutes. Then he got up and proposed they take a stroll into the center of the city. As they walked, Nathan, wanting to know more, resumed the conversation:

“But how are these messages useful?

“They help differentiate what’s important from what’s not for our personal development.” answered Mauro, understanding very well the need his son had to clarify what he was learning before assimilating it completely.

“Don’t we have to be certain we know how to interpret these messages before we trust them?”

“Being certain limits us. What’s important is to have confidence in our feelings.”

“But how can we live without being certain of anything?” wanted to know Nathan. Continue reading

Pursuing the Right Objectives

“Some people energize us, while others, on the contrary, drain us of all energy. It usually depends on the objectives we pursue, which in turn determine who we are and how we relate with others.” Mauro said.
“How do we know if we are pursuing the right objectives?” Nathan asked.
“Do you remember our conversation about our inner power?”
Nathan nodded his head. “Yes, I remember it very well!”
“The more we are aware of this inner power the better we can discern the justness of the objectives we pursue.”
“Do people frequently pursue the wrong objectives?” asked Nathan.
“The best way to determine this is to observe the energy that emanates from them.” replied his father.

We all have our own objectives, goals or destiny. The way we can determine if we’re on the right track is by listening to our inner feelings, our instincts, and by being perceptive to the signs that we are given, either by spontaneous thoughts, dreams, or “coincidences”. Nothing happens by chance. Every event, person, situation has meaning to you as an individual, and collectively as humanity.

Spontaneous Thoughts, Signs and Inner Feelings


“Has it ever happened to you that you’re so consumed with a particular thought that it’s all you can think about?” Mauro looked at Nathan, sensing the importance of this question.

“Yes, that happens to me… and each time I recognize a sign!” answered Mauro.

“What do you mean by ‘recognize a sign’?” asked Nathan, his curiosity growing.

“I learned that if a thought enters my mind spontaneously, it is never a coincidence.” explained Mauro, “and so I try to find its meaning.”

“You often tell me that there is no such thing as a coincidence… so you’re saying that these thoughts occur to us for a specific reason, right?”

“Yes, they’re there to guide us to recognize signs.” replied Mauro.

“What do you mean by ‘signs’?” Continue reading

Author’s Motivation and Inspiration

What motivates you to write, and where do you get your inspiration?

I’ve always been attracted by the world of imagination, for the simple reason that it’s a world in which we can freely embody our thoughts. I loved visualizing my ideas through various different art forms from a very early age, but over the last few years literature has become my preferred method of communication. My source of inspiration, however, is rooted in the encounters that take place during my travels, in my conversations, and in my reading; but let’s just say that my inspiration is essentially a source of energy that comes from above, a form of intelligence which often surpasses me.

Novel: Philosophical or Spiritual?

Would you categorize your novel as philosophical or spiritual?

“Legend of a Nomad” is above all a philosophical novel, but there are many elements in it that can also earn it the classification as that of a spiritual one. Philosophy is an attempt to understand the world, whereas spirituality is more of an attempt at revelation, both of self and all around. The novel unites these two modes together, and so, it speaks to both our rational minds as well as to our deep inner sensibility.