What is your view on “sin”?

Many people are raised with the conviction that “sin” is an act of disobedience towards a god, who not only is a separate entity from them, but can also inflict punishment. Based on this perception of “God”, certain deeds are condemned as not being in accordance with His Laws. These people consider themselves, and others, as sinners, and consequently, are overburdened with feelings of guilt. This leads to a life of fear and self-contempt because they are afraid of not being forgiven by this God. When people realize that “God”, “Consciousness”, “Love” and “Reality”, refer to the same thing, with only minor conceptual differences, then they’ll realize that God has always been with them. This is when they’ll feel liberated and experience life with more joy.


3 thoughts on “Sin…

  1. For me, sin is when I do something that my conscience screams at me isn’t the right thing to do. When I feel shame or guilt about something I’ve said or done. I come from Catholic roots and shame is a big one with that walk of faith. My philosophy falls along the lines of the Wiccan Crede: Harm None, Do as Ye Will. I’m not going to waste my life time feeling unworthy, shameful and guilty. For all we know this is heaven! Our one chance.

    • For me “sin” is somewhat like you’ve described too. When words and actions cause pain/harm to others and nature from something you’ve intentionally done (knowing full well the consequences), to me that’s “sin” too. For it was likely done or said in a selfish or greedy way, disregarding the best interests of everything else…

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