Inner Richness

One of the male dancers spoke:
“Catalina is a marvelous choreographer, but more than that, she’s a fantastic person who has the rare ability of bringing out the best in everyone.”
Another dancer spoke up:
 “She repeated incessantly during rehearsals ‘build your movements with what you have within and you’ll discover your inner richness’.”
Yet another dancer spoke:
“We only rehearsed for a few weeks in Mexico, but each day we progressed enormously.”
“In Mexico?” Nathan asked.
“Catalina’s dance school is in Mexico. That’s where we rehearsed.” The dancer said.
“Unfortunately, the fairy tale is ending.” Another dancer said.
A different dancer also had something to say:
“This has been a very rewarding experience for all of us, both professionally and personally. It has changed my life in a very short period of time; I feel enriched inside.”

With everything in life, when you give and use everything that’s from within, not only will the things you do be special and extraordinary, but you will also learn much from your inner being, your essence. Each experience becomes richer and richer, and your inner essence becomes more and more accessible .

Mass Indoctrination… and Courage

“I saw that you were reflecting earlier on the effects of indoctrination when it is practiced on a grand scale.”
 “I fear that when we are deprived of freedom of thought, it will be impossible to maintain a critical mind.” Nathan answered.
“And, according to you, what are the consequences?” Songo asked.
Nathan recognized his father’s style of questioning in the way Songo was posing the questions. This approach had permitted him to greatly develop his thinking and discover great truths. It also told him that what Songo wanted him to understand was of great importance. He took his time to reflect on his answer.
“The consequences are that people will no longer be able to think for themselves as to what is good for them. They will behave and live in the way that is expected of them by others, and they will justify this attitude by studied arguments.”
“Nathan,” Songo said in a grave tone, “What you are affirming is the basis for the lack of harmony on earth!”
There was a moment of silence, than Songo said softly:
“What feeling does that bring out in you, Nathan?”
“A feeling of injustice towards the victims of these charlatans, and the victims they will in turn make.”
“Nothing else?” Songo asked.
“What I always feel in cases of injustice; the desire to put an end to it!” Nathan stated firmly.
Songo put his hand on Nathan’s arm and spoke again in a grave tone, cue that he was about to say something very personal.
“When you go against the main current of acceptable opinions, you must always arm yourself with courage. Courage consists of resistance, hope and unlimited faith in the success of your undertakings.” 

Example, if you listen to political speeches, how some individuals articulate their words, emphasizing some, using pauses at particular moments…using different pitches for certain words… what do you think they are doing?  Just thoughts to ponder…. It most certainly takes courage to stand up for the truth, because most don’t see it–truth– and will try to ridicule you or your ideas. But courage is an amazing thing; once you give in to it, a tremendous strength develops, and with courage and strength for what’s right, Love and Truth always prevail…  Grace

Attaining a Higher Dimension

“The little streams as well as the big rivers all end up by joining at the sea.” Pablo answered.
Nathan noticed that Pablo had just used the same symbolism as Simon.
“How do we know when someone has attained a higher dimension?” Nathan asked.
“When they no longer question how to be happy; they then live in the dimension of the wondrous mystery!” Pablo stated.
“The wondrous mystery?” Nathan asked.
“In that dimension, the path that leads to happiness becomes more and more tangible, and each experience serves to bring further clarity.” Pablo explained.
“What do we experience exactly?”
Pablo looked at Nathan and then at the flames in the fireplace, and answered: “Like I said…the wondrous mystery!”

They don’t question HOW to be happy, because happiness is in their lives through living from the heart, from the wondrous mystery. It is  a place of calmness, peace, and acceptance of life and all the wonders  around; seeing life from a grander perspective. When we see life from its true source, happiness is just there…  When I said “Place” it is not a physical place, but a vibrational place within you, in which all you see is beauty…. and all you feel is Love…

Control Of Emotions

Before Nathan realized it, Simon got up and intercepted the waiter, held his wrists and, looking him in the eye, spoke to him in German:
“It’s always the first person to get angry that is in the wrong.”
The waiter, a little surprised, answered:
“That’s easily said. But do you know what it’s like to always be confronted with such prejudice?”
“It’s precisely in those moments that you must never forget your uniqueness. In this way, you’ll find the strength to remain in control.” Simon paused for a moment and then said:
“Consider this incident as an occasion to never feel hurt by those types of remarks.”
“What do you mean?” the waiter asked.
“For you to realize that the real question is who has control over your feelings!  Is it you or is it others?” Simon answered.
“Should I let myself be insulted without reacting?”
“A noble person does not insult others, and therefore any person who utters insults should not be given any more importance then they merit. If you realize this, you’ll never feel insulted again!” Simon affirmed.
Again there was another silence. The waiter thought for a moment about Simon’s words and then became calm.
“Remember this lesson,” continued Simon “If you’ve learned from this lesson, then the pain you have felt up until now will take on a new meaning and you’ll be able to liberate yourself from it.”

How we react emotionally to situations and other people is our choice. No one has control over our feelings but we ourselves. Realizing that negativity from others  has nothing to do with ourselves, but very much to do with the others who express it, is in fact liberating.

Creative Power and Interpreting Signs

An old man, in his sleep, had a dream. He dreamt that he was walking alone in the desert. Looking behind him, he saw the footprints he had made throughout his life. He also saw another set of footprints parallel to his, which confirmed to him that someone had always been beside him, in moments of happiness, as well as in the unfortunate ones.” Adnan took another sip of coffee. “After a while, the old man, who was contemplating his life, noticed that in the hardest moments of his life, there were but one set of footprints, and he said to himself: it was precisely during those difficult times, when I needed the most help, that I was abandoned! A profound feeling of solitude and insecurity settled over him.”
“What happened next?” Nathan asked.
“A few instants later, the old man saw from afar, a woman who was carrying a child in her arms. ‘How strange,’ he thought, ‘what is this woman doing all alone in the desert?’ He rubbed his eyes and looked anew, but the woman had disappeared.”
“Did this woman really exist?” Nathan asked.
“The old man could not know with certainty, but the image of the woman and the child stayed in his mind. He got up and continued on his way, all the while thinking about her. All of a sudden, he understood the message, and he raised his eyes to the sky.”
“What was the message?” Nathan asked, anxious to know. Adnan continued:
“Just as the child had been carried by his mother, he understood that he too had been carried in the most difficult times of his life!” Adnan concluded: “Never forget to have faith in the creative power and be…”
“…careful in making incorrect interpretations!” Nathan finished the sentence, “You are right! In spending time with Pablo, I was able to see that he too had great faith in the creative power.”
“The creative power is equally a wondrous mystery.” Adnan concluded with a wink.
Speaking for myself, one of the points of this story is that we are never alone. Believing in the creative power, or higher reality, we know we are not alone. We are always being “guided”, but we have to be aware of this creative power to understand. There is never a situation in which we are totally helpless; always there is something there guiding our steps or helping us along. The other point, is to be open to and understand the signs which are given to you, to definitely interpret them correctly. And to interpret signs correctly, one must be aware of the creative power, in general, and within…

Creative Power

“What are your beliefs, Adnan?”
Adnan looked at Nathan a moment, then in a serious tone said: “I believe in the creative power.”
“Where is it found?” Nathan asked his attention alerted.
“Your question is equivalent to asking a fish in the high seas where water can be found! There isn’t anything where the creative power is not.” Adnan stated.
Nathan, looked towards the horizon, and allowed Adnan’s words to penetrate.
The next morning, they both woke up very early. After a breakfast of coffee and warm donuts, Nathan wanted to continue the conversation broached yesterday.
“When we see how the world is wonderful, it’s strange that not everyone believes in a creative power.” He said.
“We each experience the world as we were taught.” Adnan answered, “Those who do not see the miracle in the order which reigns over the universe do not admit the existence of a creative power.”
“In that case, they do not experience the world in its totality?”
“To experience the world in its totality, it is essential to believe in the creative power. Only that certainty can help us correctly interpret what we perceive with our senses.” Adnan explained.
There are many words for Creative Power, all meaning from our true Essence or Source, that which most people call God. How true it is that if you don’t believe in this Higher Source, then your experiences of life and how you view the world are very limited. The wonder and joy at the simplest things, or the “awe” you feel when looking at breath-taking scenery, would it have the same magic and wonder if you did not believe in such a Source? Would you not also be limited in your creativity and accomplishments if you did not believe in something Higher, with endless possibilities?