Good/Bad Thoughts and Knowledge

“How could you have known that we would get a table in this restaurant?” asked Nathan with curiosity.
“I just thought it was a good idea to come up here.” Simon replied.
“You have the gift of choosing well!” Nathan said with a smile.
“By following our instincts, we can set things in motion and concretize our ideas!” Simon affirmed.
Nathan was aware once more just how much Simon’s concept of life resembled that of his father’s. Another point both men had in common was that they always tried to express only positive thoughts. Nathan wanted to talk about this so he stated:
“If everyone fostered only good thoughts the world would be a better place!”
“Well, to begin with,” Simon remarked, “We would all have to know what good thoughts are.”
“That seems simple enough to me.” Nathan answered.
“Not everybody answers to the same source of knowledge to know if a thought is good. Many are those who prefer their own knowledge over that of higher knowledge.”
Nathan knew that higher knowledge was none other than the inner power which his father had talked about.
“Why isn’t everyone aware of the real usefulness of higher knowledge?” asked Nathan.
“That’s because we all individually classify our priorities in the order that seems proper to us.”  Simon answered.
“But isn’t personal evolution a main priority for each one of us?” Nathan asked.
“Each one of us has our own points of view depending on what has been instilled in us.”

We assume that everyone knows the same “good” and “bad”, but really, it is a matter of perception. To some degree, we are a product of our environment; the values we were brought up with, the ideas, beliefs, priorities that we’ve been conditioned with. Understanding this, also gives a certain understanding of why people behave the way they do, and make the choices that they do. Intrinsically, though, I think people do have a certain “knowing” of what comes from Love, and what doesn’t, but depending on where they are in life, how “strong” their outer influences are, their perceptions of Truth/Love/Reality may be distorted.

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