How Are We “Conditioned’?

How are we “conditioned”, and can we ever completely free ourselves from it?

Wherever we are or go, we carry with us an image of ourselves. We create and re-create this image based on our thoughts, words and actions. This image was progressively installed in our minds by the influence of our culture, education, traditions, nationality, and all the things we identify ourselves with. With time, we develop certain habits and a certain structure of thought that is the origin of our behavioural patterns, which are very difficult to break free from. Our choices then, become very restrictive and our habits become the boundaries of our world. Freedom from this conditioning can only be done by gaining awareness of how our thoughts are formed, especially the persistent negative thoughts which we have been identifying ourselves with.

5 thoughts on “How Are We “Conditioned’?

  1. I just posted something on this. I have actually been feeling really enslaved by my current surroundings as my meditation this morning revealed and it amazed me that I didn’t even notice till I was very still and open to the ideas within my subconscious. I was very pleased with my resulting ideas of freedom and the ability to use my imagination to move away from the images of enslavement and not so much go against the enslaved ideas.

    • I’ve read a couple of ur posts on ur blog, and truly we’re on the “same page” in thoughts. When it comes to be conditioned, we all are to some degree. Even when we realize we are, it’s not easy to “free” ourselves from it. Takes a lot of effort and energy, and it isn’t done from one moment to another. it’s a process. Just as “conditioning” is also a process that occurs over a period of years, even a lifetime. So does “unconditioning”. Takes time to uncondition…

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