Psychoanalysis and Ego

What is your view on psychoanalysis?

Wanting to know more about our person and the situations from the past that have contributed to making us what we are now, is not an unhealthy curiosity in itself. However, it is important to keep in mind that the information we obtain from such sessions, permits us to know more about our person, the ego-based content, and not our true selves. Psychoanalysis is but a first step. If we want to know who we truly are, we have to undergo a further step, and that is to leave behind this ego content once we recognize it for what it is…


6 thoughts on “Psychoanalysis and Ego

  1. I tend to put more faith in cognitive psychology how we perceive, remember, think, speak, and solve problems. Concern less with our past, more in tunes with how we are in the moment.
    I have a little issue with this idea of ego, at best it is conceptual. I could better believe in the likelihood of the soul than ego. Though it has been explained until i am blue in the face. To me ego could be more closely called the self which is always shifting, not something to trust.
    And i am not sure we can just leave it behind however much we recognize it, it just gets stacked upon, more and more stuff.
    I like the idea of just UN-tethering myself from knowing and try to spend more time being, as in meditation.
    Pardon my circling speak but I have begun to distance myself from that word ego, it lacks meaningful meaning to me, its too intangible. I don’t know it like i know the end of my finger so i let it go.

    • Loved ur comment! Fact remains, though, that there is an “ego” or “self” or whatever u want to call it, and it’s that part that separates us from the Whole. It’s the part that individualizes as. Sets us apart. It’s not always a bad thing, though, except when it keeps us from the good, from Love.
      I like how u think… 😉

      • I love it that your are so open to my ideas, that’s the game having fun shifting about and adjusting to what we know and then trying to put words to what is unknowable. The only thing that keeps us from love is fear.

      • Totally agree…
        You know, we seek to “know” , to put words in the unknowable, but in the end, it’s enough to just Be… All the understanding comes from that, albeit not in the way the brain and mind understands, but definitely the way the heart does…

  2. I’ve had a lot of psychotherapy and I definitely believe there is a time and a place for working through the problems of the ego mind and the memories, emotions, fears etc, but there also comes a time to let the ego go and live life on a soul level. The latter cannot normally be achieved without firstly working on the ego enough to recognise it for what it is. Of course some people don’t recognise it but their ego mind has healed enough to function on that level, so they stay there. Nothing wrong with that. While psychotherapy is certainly the long haul, it can be a great benefit.

    • I agree. It’s definitely a good beginning to learn about your person… But if you want to know the real YOU, then you have to go beyond psychotherapy… 😉

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