What do you think is the greatest of all virtues?

I would say Gratitude. Gratitude is a fullness of heart that removes us from our fears and limitations. It renders us aware of the Love that we carry within. When we are able to feel real and honest appreciation, our attention is guided towards the present moment, there where miracles can happen. The deeper our appreciation, the more we perceive from the level of the soul, and the more our lives flow in harmony with the great creative power of the universe.




Does “transcending” mean to withdraw from the world?

Spiritual transcendence does not mean leaving the world; quite the contrary in fact, it means penetrating more profoundly into the world.  It also does not mean cessation of relating with others. Transcending is doing or acting without an attempt to impose one’s person in any given situation. In other words, transcending consists in doing without attributing a central place to one’s self, and without preoccupation or concern of the impression we give of ourselves through our actions –doing selflessly for the better good of all.

How Important are Dreams?


How important are dreams?

When we are dreaming, we are accessing a consciousness that is less dense and less conditioned than our consciousness in the wake states. Dreams enable us to experience a different reality. There are three different types of dreams: the common dream, which is the most frequent, permits the release of tension by clearing our visual, auditory and tactile memory; the lucid dream, in which we are aware of the fact that we are dreaming, and in which the situations we encounter prepare us for certain events in real life; and the third type, the most extraordinary one, is the exceptional dream, which is really an astral projection. This is literally when we leave our bodies during sleep and journey in the astral world towards other dimensions. ~Alex Mero

Experiencing Other Dimensions

Other Dimensions

How can we experience another dimension other than the physical one in which we live?

It is possible to experience other dimensions through deep silence or during sleep. It’s in the depth of silence that a large part of our attention, if not all of it, is focused beyond our everyday perceptions. It is therefore possible to perceive another reality behind the world of appearances. In fact, this is the basis of meditation; through silence of the mind, we are able to transcend into other dimensions. ~Alex Mero

What Constitutes a Wholesome Relationship?


In your novel, there is reverence of a relationship between spiritual partners. Can you describe what constitutes a wholesome and healthy relationship between a man and a woman?

In order for there to be a spiritual relationship, there must be a solid base of love already present between the two partners.  Each individual must have the ability for intimacy with himself, and harmony between his inner duality. The couple can than experience a loving life together without need of exerting power over the other, and certainly, above all else, without waiting for the other to fulfill the love in their stead. This relationship than becomes one of healing; a choice to face, head on, one’s pain and emotional wounds, to than elevate and rise above them; to purify oneself.We cannot truly love another without first recognizing one’s own source of suffering. Once this stage is passed, love naturally unfolds through the divine source and enables unconditional love; a love that completely unites the two partners, in all its grandeur and beauty, regardless of the weight and shadows that covered it beforehand.  ~Alex Mero

Can Goodness Be Taught?

“You are part of those who, day by day, strive for goodness with intelligence. Is it possible to teach this approach?” Nathan asked Vadim.
“I think so,” Vadim answered. “Although, goodness is something that one learns by oneself. Certainly, we all have the tendency to become like those around us. This is a trend that is seen everywhere; our surroundings rub off on us.”
“We do indeed have the tendency to adapt to the level of the people around us.” Melvin agreed. “What our behaviour shows, is what we teach.”
“You’re confirming what I have always thought.” Nathan said. “Goodness can therefore be taught; it can be transmitted.”
“Certainly,” Vadim said, “But I must add that to truly acquire sincere goodness, the receiver will obviously have to do the necessary actions.”

Passion and Happiness

“Is passion a condition for happiness?” He said.
“We experience happiness mainly when we can express our creativity and joy.” Melvin answered. “Watching these young people, there’s no doubt they studied and practiced their movements with precision for days and days. In sharing them with us now, they are expressing their creativity and joy!”
“I agree.” Vadim said. “I don’t think there’s only one right path everyone needs to follow to know happiness. We obtain a happy life by searching for the path we individually feel is right, and following it.”
“Yes,” Melvin said, “First, we have to discover who we truly are, to then develop the talents we have received, and then share them with others.”
“As both of you have shown in such an exemplary fashion,” Nathan stated.