Spiritual Journey

Spiritual Journey

How do we begin our spiritual journey?

The desire for transformation is the starting point of all spiritual realizations. This deep desire gives rise to new intentions, and these intentions carry within them volition, aspirations and a much higher vision of life. Everything we focus on, fortifies itself in our lives, whereas what we pay little or no attention, disintegrates in our consciousness. If our intentions are focused towards a material existence, that is what we will develop. If, however, we have a profound desire to converge with our souls, we move from a fragmented perception of things to a much greater awareness of the Absolute.

Illusion of Time


Time, is it not just an illusion?

Time does not exist. We build it, we go through it, and we are its prisoners. Time exists only through the identification that we give it, that we ourselves have created with our own minds. This identification is the product of our memories, of our accumulated thoughts, and of what we perceive as the past. This past defines our fear and hopes, and consequently, our vision of the future. When our attention is totally and intensely in the present, we feel the reality of our soul, a reality that can only be felt with the heart, and never understood with the mind. A reality that is timeless.

What does it mean to be “awakened”?


What does it mean to be “awakened”?

Awakening is an inexhaustible state of mental and spiritual energy. The term “awakening” is interpreted as the cessation of all separateness or division within our person. This is referring to an integral way of perceiving, which is complete and free of any duality. When we experience this ultimate realization, we perceive less and less separation between the world and the Absolute. There remains only a state of uninterrupted creativity from which we are deeply aware that the universe is constantly sending us signs, as well as synchronized events,that lead us to experience,to the fullest, our highest goal in life.