Secret for Good Dialogue


It’s with great admiration that I read your book based principally on dialogues. According to you, what is the secret for a good dialogue?

A good dialogue is defined by a sense of good will on the part of the interlocutors; the will to value truth above all. The real desire to learn is manifested by the choice of the interlocutor to “disappear”. When this desire of humility is present in both parties, there is no longer a speaker, or a listener, only observation without opinions or conclusions; just two minds together trying to bring into light what is just and true.

Violence in the World


Why is there so much violence in the world?

Violence in the world is the result of the tendency we have to form groups, whether they’re national, religious, racial or otherwise. These groups are founded on imaginary differences, designed to allow more restraint groups to appropriate themselves of power.  Defending these differences is the main cause of violence, since each group defines itself according to its accentuated differences.

Responsibility and Justice


When you say that everyone, at every moment of their existence, is an innocent victim, and consequently, no one can be considered guilty, how then do you see responsibility?  And what of justice?

Every deed is an act reflecting the actual stage of consciousness of a person in relation to the current of information he or she has access too. Designating anything else to blame other than that person’s ignorance, is nothing else other than a new act of ignorance.

What provokes the great changes in our lives?


What provokes the great changes in our lives?

Triggers for a need of profound personal change, is generally linked to a series of events that provoke a crisis that greatly disrupts our lives. It could be a sudden grave illness, a break-up in a relationship, the loss of a loved one, the uprooting of a profession, or very simply, a meeting with a person of great wisdom. Often these changes appear following states of great worry and suffering. It’s through these painful ordeals that doubts arise, and questions are raised. Therefore, it’s the impact these events have, that helps us become aware of the necessary changes needed to give a new and greater meaning to our lives.

Message for Parents


Do you have a message for the parents of the world?

My message is, to be fully aware, at every instant, that the children confided to us are extraordinary gifts. By the unity of their being, they deepen and accelerate our learning for the betterment of our personal evolution. They are for us inner lights and teachers of great wisdom. We have the duty of treating these people of tomorrow with the respect and love that they rightly deserve.

Beliefs and Spirituality


Isn’t the recourse of beliefs, to keep the sentiment of a spiritual essence alive, not simply one of the most primitive needs of man in order to face the hardships of today, the future and the afterlife?

Without a doubt, and it is also the driving force for change, personal transformation, transcendence to surpass oneself, in order to relate with the divine, and to simply give the world more love, respect, understanding and tolerance.