Free Will…


Do we really have “Free Will”?

With each step towards a higher awareness, we become a little more liberated. When we become aware of who we truly are, beings external to our thoughts, our emotions and especially our past, from which we are prisoners, we see the outside world with more clarity, both the violence surrounding us and the omnipresent love. Our choices are then less influenced by our character and our primitive desires. Free choice becomes more a progressive conquest in the autonomy of choosing, rather than a static and stable state.

Intellect vs Intuitive Thought


You have a pronounced preference for intuitive thought in spite of the intellectual one. But isn’t it the human intellect which engendered the state of consciousness as we know it now?

As long as thought is considered an explorative tool, it is being correctly used. When we use it as the only tool to judge, we create divisions. These divisions automatically give rise to conflicted futures, since from the moment we let our prejudices prevail, we create duality. Those on the quest for the evolution of the consciousness must be able to explore with an open mind. They must be able to listen to and consider every opinion without dismissing or accepting them. When we try to defend a particular point of view, based on our intellect, which was acquired before beginning our exploration, this exploration has no meaning, and no evolution of the consciousness is possible.