The non-dualistic view asserts that suffering is caused by our desires, but how can we live life without desires?

There is nothing wrong with the sentiment of a desire in of itself, but it’s their pettiness, and the sacrifices we are compelled to do to satisfy those desires, which we need to take into account. In seriously devoting ourselves to ridding that which limits our spiritual evolution, all our desires are joined to form but a single one, the desire to be One with Love, which is the mother of all desires. Whatever nature a desire has, it is an expression of the biggest desire of all; the experience of Love.

Law of Freedom


It seems that we live in a world where those who follow no laws or rules are more successful. And we see this in virtually all areas.

There exists a law that supersedes all other laws, the law of freedom. This is true for nature and is no different in human relationships. Freedom of the mind is more powerful than any protocol or accords that humankind can conceive. A free or open mind does not allow itself to be guided by what others say, nor by what is required by those in authority. A free mind does not submit to any religious impositions, nor does it allow itself to be limited by its arguments or its judgments, nor even the sense it gives respect and morality. But it nevertheless remains receptive to new ideas that may arise from all these things. This is how a free mind follows the path of its liberation.

Truth and Reality

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What we believe as Truth, does that not ultimately determine reality itself?

Beliefs distort our perception of reality, and in no way shape reality itself. Reality does not need to be shaped or believed into being, to be what it truly is. There is but one absolute truth, and this truth is new at every moment; it is therefore perpetually in motion. Our beliefs are rigid and are very limited in that which is perpetually in motion. A belief is nothing more than a set of theories. The assumption that these theories are truths just limits our view of reality and has no bearing on actual reality. Every hypothesis is doomed to be destroyed one day, knowing that that which does the destroying has a higher factor of reality than that which is destroyed.

Spiritual Essence


How is it that a person who can attain very high levels of consciousness, can, at other moments, get lost in base desires? Can that be avoided, and if so, how?

Our minds operate on several levels; levels which are the consequence of our emotional ties and the way we have become accustomed to managing our needs and feelings. The more our attention is focused on the wholeness of our spiritual essence, the more the mind follows the deepest sense we can give life. It’s through our spiritual desire that new habits are formed and replace the lower and more basic ones.