What of “Sin”?


What do you think is the greatest sin?

The concept of sin is inherent to what we consider evil. So any answer to this question can only disclose personal opinion. In regards to my own personal definition of good and evil, I would say that “good” is anything that diminishes suffering, and “evil” is anything that increases it. In absolute terms, “good” is what reveals reality (enlightens), and evil is what covers it (veils it).

Nadia Kolobova – Magadan / Russia

Is all of humanity equal?


Is all of humanity equal?

It is obvious that all humans are equal. We come in different shapes and colors, and speak different languages, but none of these appearances is of any importance. When there is no sense of equality between people, this reflects a lack of a sense of reality. Making any distinction or comparison between one another is a basis for conflict. We have to constantly keep in mind that ultimate reality is found beyond all separation.

Stephen Sheridan – Belfast / Northern Ireland

Spiritual Ideals


As I go through my spiritual quest, I’m encountering all sorts of people with different beliefs and views on life. How to I recognize those who are closest to the right spiritual ideals?

An ideal can have some spiritual value, but no ideal is spiritual in of itself. What we think of as an ideal is nothing more than a personal expression.  As we contemplate or entrust questions of a spiritual nature, it is important to be attentive to the state of consciousness we are in, whether it’s our own, or those we entrust these questions with. We get what we believe are answers from personal thoughts, reflections and feelings, and although they may seem like perfect answers, they have the potential to distance us further from reality, and reinforce illusion. It is imperative never to forget that reality far surpasses what is defined as right or wrong, correct or incorrect. Reality even surpasses what we believe to exist or not to exist.

Marija Peleda – Kaunas / Lithuania