Strange Phenomena


How can we stop hearing strange voices or experiencing other unexplainable phenomena?

Strange phenomena of unpleasant nature, come about from our fears, and will repeat themselves for as long as these fears persist. When we become aware that it is our fears that are at the root of these strange phenomena, a change occurs in our level of consciousness and these symptoms disappear naturally. In parallel to this question, we can ask another question: are these phenomena really occurring? Discussing this is of little importance since we know that every person perceives the world in his own unique way, according to his own reality. What matters is to evolve towards a higher reality. How? By recognizing that we are at every moment of our lives, simultaneously creators, observers and actors of our world. This understanding eliminates all forms of separation and shows that nothing or anyone other than ourselves, is responsible for the experiences we are going through.

Karma and Reincarnation


What are your thoughts on karma and reincarnation?

Every soul comes into this world as a body and mind with a multitude of attachments and unfulfilled desires. Identifications made by each newborn with his new body, culture, environment, and all else that his personality identifies itself with, constitutes a new series of attachments and desires he seeks to fulfill. What we call “karma” is all these elements combined, which is the base programming of our lives, and defines our intentions, desires, choices, and with these choices, lessons every new life brings.

Hateful feelings towards others


How can we rid ourselves of any hateful feelings we may bear towards other people?

If we wish there to be peace in the world, it is imperative to have peace within oneself. We attain this inner peace when we realize that no other person(s) is responsible for the untoward events/situations of life and this world. Society teaches us otherwise; that yes, there must be people responsible and to blame… but the truth is that the world re-creates itself at every moment in an autonomous manner. This attitude of “blame”, which we have been taught, keeps us from seeing the real causes of our problems, whose sources are found within ourselves. Instead, we prefer judging and letting our ego find justifications or arguments which seem to confirm them. It is up to us to analyze our judgments by examining the source from which they arose.