Inputing the Life of the Soul on the Ego


As we grow in our spiritual awareness, our higher nature is more fully manifested in our choices and actions, giving us greater freedom and a growing power in this world. I would like to point out that during this evolution, a real danger surges.

In fact, forces opposing all spiritual growth try to pervert our pure intentions, and therefore there is a risk in being tempted to succumb to the ego’s desires and its needs which stem from the subconscious.

It is important to remain alert and vigilant in order not to be naively deceived by the illusions created by the ego. It is therefore imperative to understand the ways in which the ego can easily disguise itself as a spiritual guidance and trick us.

Those who desire to radiate divine light from within, in the purest and most dedicated way, must learn to master their spiritual power, and therefore harness this new force into divine action.

This entails intense and permanent work, consisting of confronting and integrating the contents of our hidden and subconscious shadows, in order to free ourselves from them once and for all.

Our ego then becomes more capable of transmitting this new spiritual consciousness. We perceive as well that our minds gradually adapt, and in a perfectly coherent way, to this state.

At the same time, our physical bodies and its instinctive nature, also evolve in the same direction. Progressively, we develop our discernment and can more easily make a clear distinction between the voices of the ego and those of spiritual awareness.

By the grace of our soul’s light, and by the efforts of the body and mind, our Being engages in what can be called a spiritual transformation, allowing us to live in a more connected way with our highest Selves.

Ego and Self finally attain a perfect balance. Even if we still come across obstacles and resistances that require our full attention, we are now living the Life of the soul.


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