The Spiritual Path


We all have a life mission, a spiritual challenge to face our fears with courage, self-confidence and faith:

By acknowledging the opportunities every single fear represents.

By learning their inherent lessons.

By overcoming whatever weakness they indicate.

By developing our unique aspect of the divine power.

This divine potential is the fullest expression of our own truth. It is a path full of surprises and discoveries, on which we develop our abilities to express love through compassion, forgiveness, generosity and wisdom.

So yes indeed, the spiritual path is a path in which we are meant to struggle. A path in which we learn to make right choices.

But it is also a path, in which we find divine guidance. A path, called to rise above our lower needs and attachments. A path, inviting us to enlist a higher plane of consciousness.

This spiritual path brings us beyond our limited knowledge in which we understand, step by step, the greater meaning of this experience called life!



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