Behind our Identity, we are a Universal Spirit

It doesn’t matter what sort of a body we showed up in this life, in which country we were born or what religion we are affiliated with. Ultimately, there are no Africans, Asians or Americans. Nor are there Christians, Muslims or Buddhists. Those are not more than classifications made to distinguish us from one another in our present form. Precisely as the name we carry, knowing very well, we are not that name.

Identities are found in a temporary phase. In a time point in what we call life, an individual expression of eternity. Once this statement is completely understood, we don’t feel the desire to fight the battle of our ancestors. We don’t have the need to love what they loved and hate who they hated. And so we no longer participate in the tribal consciousness in which we perceive ourselves to be so different than another by virtue of our nationality, beliefs or skin color.

Our freedom depends largely from how we are able to let go of our identifications. By choosing to walk away from our tribal ancestral history. We need to understand that these ego identifications have been the source of wars and of the slaughter of hundred and millions of human beings. And comprehend that seeing ourselves as universal beings without ethnic or cultural identities, is a wonderful and very effective way to transform our world and reach a sacred place for all of humanity.