About the author

Alex Mero was born in Belgium in 1969 and grew up in Brussels. Very early on, he became a passionate traveler and a great observer of worldwide cultural diversity. Over the years, he became more fascinated by the variety of life perceptions within different cultures. Today the writer shares his experiences through the inspirational literary genre of Philofiction.

Philosophical fiction takes, as its starting point, the recognition of difference and multiplicity of the world. The novels are often based on dialogues that encourage an exploration of different thought processes in which we find an identification of the boundaries that define us.

Alex Mero offers a free Internet distribution of his publications in several languages, to facilitate access to his literature . He also participates in educational programs in developing countries and he is involved in several projects based on intercultural dialogue.


8 thoughts on “About the author

    • Thank you, Cassie.The articles are from my blog, the images are selected by Grace, a dear friend and the webmaster of this website. Glad you enjoy your visits!

  1. Hoi Alex
    Ik ben hier al een paar keer komen lezen.
    En dar gaat nog heel veel keren gebeuren.
    Zo mooi, zo waar, zo hoog, zo diep.
    Gewoon allemaal waarheden, wat vind ik hier mezelf.
    Wat ik ook lees, ik vind altijd iets waar ik weer wat mee verder kan.
    Bedankt voor de tijd en de wijsheid die je met de wereld wilt delen.
    Bedankt dat ik langs mijn facebook pagina daar een heel klein beetje mag bij helpen.

    Groetjes Viviane

  2. Hi Alex,

    I came across your blog today and I Love it! Thank you so much. I had a spontaneous spiritual awakening last year which has led me on a great journey to discover the secrets of the universe in finding the common threads throughout time and religion. You are an Inspiration…

    Much Love,

  3. I really love the things you say in your blog, haven’t read your book yet, I am planning to soon though, this is all things I have been seeing and learning for myself throughout my life, its so amazing to see another person with the exact words as I have been trying to say to people 🙂

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