Angels Amongst Us

“In your opinion, what do you think are earth’s most precious treasures?” Nathan asked.
Adnan did not answer right away, and looked at Nathan as if he had been preparing for this moment for a long time. As for Nathan, he intuitively felt that Adnan was about to confide something very important.
“The most precious treasures are the angels.” Adnan answered.
“The angels?” Nathan asked a little taken aback.
Adnan nodded his head in confirmation. Nathan rephrased his question:
“I was referring to earthly treasures.”
But Adnan again confirmed his answer with an air of assurance:
“It happens that angels come visit us.” He said.
Nathan was speechless as he looked at Adnan. The latter seemed to really believe what he was saying.
“How do we recognize them?” He finally asked.
“They look like us, but are different in their way of being.” Adnan answered.
“How are they different?” Nathan enquired.
“An angel is always open and affectionate, both with people they know and strangers alike. That is how they bring out the best in humans.”
“Do they do this to change people?” Nathan asked curiously.
“Angels never try to change those they interact with. They behave that way without any expectations.” Adnan answered.
“They behave that way without any personal interest?”
“Angels have an abundant joy of living that is effortless. They are naturally happy.” Adnan explained.
Adnan’s words incited Nathan to reflect. A preoccupying question came to mind: “Why are they here amongst us?” He asked.
“They take on a human form when they have a specific mission to accomplish. Once that mission is fulfilled, they disappear.” Adnan answered.

It is very possible that there are people/beings who come to earth with a higher mission then the average person, and they are very aware of their mission right from the start, unlike most of us. Believing in the possibility of angels is not a religious thing at all. There are just people around us who by their very presence emanate a positive energy that has the effect of potentially changing those around them for the better. Have I ever personally met such people/angels? Possibly, although I can never be certain. but  there have been “random” people I’ve run into that just by a smile, instantly and completely changed my mood, thoughts, feelings for the better and ultimately led me to do something positive, and sometimes on an ongoing basis. So who’s to say those people were not angels?

I’m speaking for myself, and not the author in expressing this.


Do you believe prayer has any merit?

Praying is a way to be in harmony with our inner supreme wisdom. To invoke this harmony, we must be aware that at no time are we ever separate from this Absolute power. Becoming fully conscious requires the creation of an inner void; free of tension (evoked by conventional beliefs), dualistic views, discordant thoughts and obsessions. Only then can we access and awaken our spiritual essence which, in turn, enlightens us.