Benefits of Meditation



Why should we meditate? And is meditation beneficial for everyone?

Through meditation, we attempt to experience the very nature of reality within ourselves. It is a way to discover who we really are and to better understand what is essential in life. It helps us become One with the only real movement, without the help of our memory. Meditation is direct contact with the present moment. It is a wonderful way to observe ourselves, our sensations, thoughts, recurrent feelings, and our lifestyles.



Our Subconscious



What does our subconscious consist of?

Our subconscious consists of a personal subconscious and a collective one. Our personal subconscious contains all the knowledge that is registered by our brains, and the collective one, contains all the power of human imagination and refers to the knowledge that we all have in common, going back to ancient forms of humanity’s universal thoughts.

Level Of Consciousness


You affirm that there are no bad people. You say that the only distinction we can make is the level of consciousness of each individual. Can you elaborate further?

Every individual comes into this world with a hereditary family load, and in addition, inherits another load, the heritage of the society he grows up in, and identifies himself with. The ideas, circumstances and lifestyle around a person, on the large part, determine his behaviour. The only thing that can liberate us from this darker baggage, is the change of consciousness which love offers.

Spiritual Transformation



What does spiritual transformation mean?

Spiritual transformation is the process that occurs when we surpass beyond our bodies and minds, when we completely come to terms with our past traumas and our worries of the future. After spiritual transformation, our actions prove to be more virtuous and increasingly less as the product of fear, pride or selfishness.

Eternal Happiness



How can we find eternal happiness?

Everything we feel as human beings comes from a personal domain. Happiness, however, is not a personal state. Our happiness always depends on the happiness of others. That being said, once we can extricate ourselves from the game of the past and the future, we attain a state of peace with the present moment, where life unfolds with truth and love. This is the only way we connect with our true nature.

Children With Evolved Spiritual Consciousness


What can you tell us about children who are born with a considerably more evolved spiritual consciousness than the average person?

Some souls join the human race with a higher than average level of vibration. They incarnate on this planet embodying unconditional love. Their presence brings about beneficial changes leading to Ascension as a whole. Their mission is far from being easy, but they have the courage to come regardless of the difficulties awaiting them; the lack of respect, conflicting relationships, false interpretations of love, and other factors of the era we live in. These children’s parents, and the environment in which they grow, can assist them in accomplishing their mission. They need our support because they face societies that generally have little comprehension, and who, as of yet, have little means of adhering to these children’s level of evolution.

What Are Deep Insights?


In your first book, you talk about deep insights. What do you mean by this?

A deep insight is an impression having an origin other than in thought. It is an observation that is not preceded by intellectual analysis, but is rather a spontaneous perception; one that is not based on the content of our knowledge, and so, is void of opinion and judgment. It’s purely a neutral observation.