Passion and Happiness

“Is passion a condition for happiness?” He said.
“We experience happiness mainly when we can express our creativity and joy.” Melvin answered. “Watching these young people, there’s no doubt they studied and practiced their movements with precision for days and days. In sharing them with us now, they are expressing their creativity and joy!”
“I agree.” Vadim said. “I don’t think there’s only one right path everyone needs to follow to know happiness. We obtain a happy life by searching for the path we individually feel is right, and following it.”
“Yes,” Melvin said, “First, we have to discover who we truly are, to then develop the talents we have received, and then share them with others.”
“As both of you have shown in such an exemplary fashion,” Nathan stated.

Intuitive Perception

Is intuitive perception and for what purpose do we experience it?

Intuitive perception –an inner sense or “feeling”-  comes to us before our minds have the chance to name or interpret what we are seeing or hearing. It’s a perception that is outside the flow of our ordinary and conditioned thoughts, in a state where the ego does not intervene, and which permits an inner connection with an intelligence that transcends ours. Intuitive perception gives us insights into our personal destiny. The particularity of intuitive perception is that it comes to us effortlessly and without intellectual exercise.


“It’s beautiful to see…” Nathan said as he watched the interaction between the two children.
“There is great beauty in everything, but few are those who notice it.” Catalina answered.
“While I was waiting for you, I watched them dance.” Nathan said.
 “In dancing, they found a way to diminish their sorrow. They are now Sentimienta’s protectors.” She stated affectionately.
“Tell me, what does Sentimienta mean to you?” Nathan asked Catalina.
“It’s a temple of music where I can realize and live my passions and dreams; a place where everyone feels special and unique, where dreams are created and brought into reality.” She answered.
“That’s what I saw with your group’s performance in Cape Town; sparks of those dreams.” Nathan said.
“I was fortunate to have been able to bring that magnificent group together. Many of them have not had an easy life.” She answered.
“How did you get the idea to found Sentimienta?” Nathan asked curiously.
 “I’ve always had a special relationship with music and I wanted to create a place where I could devote myself to it.” Catalina stated.
“In what way is this relationship special?” Nathan inquired.
“From a very young age I knew that my real mission in life would be through music. It’s hard to explain, but there are so many things in my life that relate to music…”
“Why is music able to touch us so deeply?” Nathan continued.
“Music is pure and cannot be executed but with sincerity. It’s one of those rare forms of communication that leaves no place for lies.” She said.
“There’s something spiritual about sincerity…” Nathan reflected.
“Indeed. Music helps us attain something higher. It can help us escape every day banality, and makes us understand that everything is connected.” Catalina stated.
Catalina noticed that Nathan was in deep thought.
“Do you want me to tell you an old Indian tale on music?” She asked him.
 “I would love to hear it. I know that tales contain a great deal of wisdom.” Nathan answered.
“We are told that a long time ago, sounds and words were the one and only form of pure communication. Music and words were one and the same, until the day where the first lie was told! Since then, music has been trying to unite with us by inciting us to express ourselves with purity and authenticity.” 

There’s not much to add to this. For Catalina, it was through music , her life passion, that she grew spiritually and helped others in various ways. Music is a spiritual experience… But we all have our own individual passions and paths. What inspires us and gives us passion and drive, is usually always from a Higher Source and has many implications not just for our own growth, but for other’s as well. When we do something from the heart, it cannot but have positive effects on all around…

Impelling Energy and Limitations

“I see a flowing current, able to absorb resistances, transforming them, and changing their direction.”
“What kind of resistances do you mean?” Nathan asked curiously.
“Those resistances that limit impelling energy!” he stated.
Nathan understood that this man had the ability to see the world with different eyes. In developing his abilities and in communicating what he discovered, this Indian man had found the profound meaning of his life. Nathan was very curious to know more.
“I’m sorry, but could you explain what you mean by ‘resistances’ and ‘limiting impelling energy’?”
“You don’t have to be sorry because it’s due to your curiosity that together we can give meaning to these moments!” The Indian man stated.
 Again the man took his time to clarify his affirmations. It was clear that the view he had on life was imprinted with much wisdom, and just like Songo, he used a distinctive language to be better understood. By experience, Nathan knew that from this encounter he would obtain some useful and valuable information that would help with his personal development.
“I’m referring to the physical and emotional limitations that touch each one of us when we are born onto this earth.” He stated.
Nathan understood that the Indian man was talking about faults and bad habits, but he wanted to know more about the impelling energy.
“Can I ask what you mean by impelling energy?” Nathan asked.
“Impelling energy is the mother of all energies; the one that directs everything.” He stated.
“Do the limitations you mentioned prevent us from letting this energy flow?” Nathan asked.
The Indian nodded affirmatively. 

Impelling energy is none other than the Creative Source, that which indeed is behind, connects and directs everything. It is our ultimate source of inspiration.  Our limitations, mostly self-imposed, and some socially imposed, are what prevent us from accessing this source. Learned behaviours, certain emotions and a focus on the external rather than the internal are some of these limitations.

Inner Richness

One of the male dancers spoke:
“Catalina is a marvelous choreographer, but more than that, she’s a fantastic person who has the rare ability of bringing out the best in everyone.”
Another dancer spoke up:
 “She repeated incessantly during rehearsals ‘build your movements with what you have within and you’ll discover your inner richness’.”
Yet another dancer spoke:
“We only rehearsed for a few weeks in Mexico, but each day we progressed enormously.”
“In Mexico?” Nathan asked.
“Catalina’s dance school is in Mexico. That’s where we rehearsed.” The dancer said.
“Unfortunately, the fairy tale is ending.” Another dancer said.
A different dancer also had something to say:
“This has been a very rewarding experience for all of us, both professionally and personally. It has changed my life in a very short period of time; I feel enriched inside.”

With everything in life, when you give and use everything that’s from within, not only will the things you do be special and extraordinary, but you will also learn much from your inner being, your essence. Each experience becomes richer and richer, and your inner essence becomes more and more accessible .

Attaining a Higher Dimension

“The little streams as well as the big rivers all end up by joining at the sea.” Pablo answered.
Nathan noticed that Pablo had just used the same symbolism as Simon.
“How do we know when someone has attained a higher dimension?” Nathan asked.
“When they no longer question how to be happy; they then live in the dimension of the wondrous mystery!” Pablo stated.
“The wondrous mystery?” Nathan asked.
“In that dimension, the path that leads to happiness becomes more and more tangible, and each experience serves to bring further clarity.” Pablo explained.
“What do we experience exactly?”
Pablo looked at Nathan and then at the flames in the fireplace, and answered: “Like I said…the wondrous mystery!”

They don’t question HOW to be happy, because happiness is in their lives through living from the heart, from the wondrous mystery. It is  a place of calmness, peace, and acceptance of life and all the wonders  around; seeing life from a grander perspective. When we see life from its true source, happiness is just there…  When I said “Place” it is not a physical place, but a vibrational place within you, in which all you see is beauty…. and all you feel is Love…