Parent’s Role in Children’s Spiritual Education


What advice do you have for parents interested in providing their children with a spiritual education?

All children are born with numerous characteristics, unique only to themselves. Therefore, the first step is to assess the special affinities of their spiritual level or maturity, and to then orient them accordingly. This is done by observing their ability in understanding the divine aspects of life, both their own and that of life in general. Parents play a crucial role as initiators, regardless if they fulfill this function in the same manner. The spiritual doctrine that applies to all children is that of Goodness. With regards to children’s discovery of the world, we as parents, and ideally as a society, show them the universality of the world, the vision that transcends any racial, religious, economic and other divisive concepts.

Message for Parents


Do you have a message for the parents of the world?

My message is, to be fully aware, at every instant, that the children confided to us are extraordinary gifts. By the unity of their being, they deepen and accelerate our learning for the betterment of our personal evolution. They are for us inner lights and teachers of great wisdom. We have the duty of treating these people of tomorrow with the respect and love that they rightly deserve.

Can Goodness Be Taught?

“You are part of those who, day by day, strive for goodness with intelligence. Is it possible to teach this approach?” Nathan asked Vadim.
“I think so,” Vadim answered. “Although, goodness is something that one learns by oneself. Certainly, we all have the tendency to become like those around us. This is a trend that is seen everywhere; our surroundings rub off on us.”
“We do indeed have the tendency to adapt to the level of the people around us.” Melvin agreed. “What our behaviour shows, is what we teach.”
“You’re confirming what I have always thought.” Nathan said. “Goodness can therefore be taught; it can be transmitted.”
“Certainly,” Vadim said, “But I must add that to truly acquire sincere goodness, the receiver will obviously have to do the necessary actions.”

The Power of Change Through Literature

Do you think that it’s possible to generate a new way of thinking based on ideas expressed in a novel?

The power of change can be expressed in a multitude of ways, one being in the form of literature. In fact, novels can be dwelling places for the reader’s sensibilities and understanding. Some novels suit this role for a short duration, whereas others for much longer. There are still yet those novels- which we categorize as exceptional that have the power to fascinate and deeply impact people globally. These novels have the capacity to enlighten the reader, and thus give rise to a new way of thinking.

Kindness and Education

What do you consider essential in the education of children?

Education should be based as much as possible on kindness. Man is a sensitive and emotional being who naturally possesses an innate kindness. This sensitivity is the foundation of morality, but because this sensitivity can easily degenerate due to egocentric attitudes, it needs to be refined by education. Kindness, which is none other than love, should be the common element in all education. Those who grow further in kindness also care about other virtues such as fairness, loyalty, honesty, and respect for others. An education based on kindness does not guarantee happiness but it will always bring more harmony and inner peace to every child and to the world.