Eternal Happiness



How can we find eternal happiness?

Everything we feel as human beings comes from a personal domain. Happiness, however, is not a personal state. Our happiness always depends on the happiness of others. That being said, once we can extricate ourselves from the game of the past and the future, we attain a state of peace with the present moment, where life unfolds with truth and love. This is the only way we connect with our true nature.

Free Will…


Do we really have “Free Will”?

With each step towards a higher awareness, we become a little more liberated. When we become aware of who we truly are, beings external to our thoughts, our emotions and especially our past, from which we are prisoners, we see the outside world with more clarity, both the violence surrounding us and the omnipresent love. Our choices are then less influenced by our character and our primitive desires. Free choice becomes more a progressive conquest in the autonomy of choosing, rather than a static and stable state.

Limiting Another’s Freedom

“Are you having some regrets?” She asked him.
Nathan looked at Sophie.
“What is in the past is in the past. Having any regrets serves me no purpose!” He stated.
“Is there something you want to change?” She asked him.
Nathan remained quiet for a moment, and then announced:
“Sophie, I have to pursue my journey!”
Sophie said nothing. She understood that there was no longer a place for her in his life at present. She had feared for this moment from the very beginning, but she could not reproach him since he had never hidden from her that he would one day continue his journey. Knowing him well, she knew that he would never change his mind. She had promised herself that she would not try to hold him back at the risk of losing him forever. After a long silence, Nathan continued: “You’re the one who is silent now…”
“You have taught me that we should never limit the freedom of another. I will give you all the space necessary for your inner well-being.”
With these words, Sophie’s eyes filled with tears. Nathan held her tightly in his arms, trying to help her find the strength to overcome her grief. Slowly, she regained her composure.
“And you? Are you also sad that we will be separated?” She wanted to know.
“Naturally… but at the same time, I also feel a form of happiness.” He answered.
“What do you mean?” Sophie asked, looking up at him.
“The fact that we will miss each other is also a form of happiness!” he stated.
“Does that mean that you will come back?” she asked hopefully.
Nathan looked deeply into Sophie’s eyes and holding her hands he said: “Sophie, I will never leave you, regardless of what the future holds.”

Nathan’s journey involves a separation from the one he loves, and thinking in  emotional terms, that’s a hard one to swallow. But thinking in the broader sense of Love, and its true meaning, it is the most natural and loving thing to do; letting the other pursue his inner desires, those that come from Truth and Wisdom. Most of us have a hard time understanding this, especially if there’s a difference in our goals, because we base our relationships solely on the emotional. And with that, there is expectations, and even control, but there is also a lack of growth, both as a unit and as an individual, because when you don’t feel the freedom to pursue what you’re meant to, there is no growth, and perhaps even, there is a regression of it. And this can only lead to problems in a relationship, not just a relationship as a couple, but in all relationships. There is a lot of misunderstanding about what true Love is, but true love would never limit another, because true Love is an understanding and acceptance of each other’s  life path. In the end, it  enriches a relationship…

Honesty and Sincerity

“He is gone, and he has left me with the worst despair.” Simon said with great pain in his voice.
“No, if he had died your sorrow would be much greater.” said Nathan.
“It is better to lose something beautiful then never to have had it. If he had been honest and had died, at least I would have kept beautiful memories…” said Simon sadly.
“But your beautiful memories… no one can take them away?”
“The past is now covered with a cloud of sadness… The day we doubt a person’s honesty we can’t help but see all the moments in the past with that person with a different eye.” replied Simon, “Believe me, Nathan, betrayal by your own child is more painful than having lost him.”
“Can you forgive him?” asked Nathan.
“Right now, I can only see him with different eyes…” answered Simon.
“What can he do to change that?”
“He would have to be sincerely remorseful for what he did.” replied Simon.
“How do we know when a person is expressing sincere remorse?” asked Nathan.
“Only by their actions.” answered Simon.
“And how do we recognize the sincerity in actions?” continued Nathan.
“Only with time!” affirmed Simon.
Nathan tried to analyze the situation as best as possible.
“I tend to think that you have been too good to your son.”
Simon looked at Nathan.
“Do you really think I was too good to him?”
“It’s your only mistake possible, if we can call it a mistake.” said Nathan.
Simon lifted his eyes and said:
“There’s an old proverb that says that if, because of our goodness, we have never been deceived, it’s because we have never been too good.”

I can understand the devastation the father in this story feels towards his son. Probably one of life’s greatest pains is the dishonesty and deceit of those we love, simply because we start questioning if we ever really knew that person to begin with. And just as this father said, you start questioning all the memories, all the deeds, words, etc  of that person in the past. It “poisons” them. But one CAN forgive, even if the other person never changes or makes amends. Forgiveness is from within, it’s an individual thing, and has very little to do with the other person. It’s an acceptance of something that cannot be changed and  a release of the pressure or energy that’s poisoning YOU. Everyone has their own path in life, and some sway from the right path more then others, but having an understanding and compassion towards the other, even if they hurt you, is living from the heart, and is liberating to you. Acceptance without expectancy. This does not mean you should keep the other person in your life, however.

My opinion…

Meditative technique—> Liberation

What meditative techniques do you recommend?

The meditation I practice is none other than being liberated, which does not require any method or technique. It is achieved through a contemplative attitude, which allows a state of awareness that discerns true reality from perceived reality. In this state, we are able to just observe what is without any need for rationalization. But it does take an effort to achieve this state; no intention is required, just a state of attentive and immediate presence in regards to self and all around. Although many feel this requires complete focus and effort-hence where the difficulty arises-, it really should feel natural and effortless.

Economic Migration

Economic migration cannot be resolved by relocating the poor to wealthier places. What do you think is the solution?

The fundamental injustice lies in the global economy itself, which does not permit for a dignified existence for many people. The way the current economic system works is that some nations prosper through the exploitation of others who live in fear and distress. To combat poverty, a new economic system must be set up in which freedom and justice for all people takes a central role. In practical terms this means, through political powers, forcing the big multinationals to fairly redistribute wealth and resources throughout the world for the benefit of the poorer populations.



Every culture is trying to survive in this era of globalization. Isn’t it logical that many of them would want to impose their own rules in order to maintain their individuality?

A culture must be considered as a living unit and therefore non-static; it is a reflection of life which is constantly in perpetual renovation. The cultures of tomorrow will be a result of those with the most worthy aspects of today. Those that are closed in, focusing only on themselves, and believing their uniqueness as the only correct one, will perish. An egocentric culture will not survive. It is much more beneficial for these cultures to be open towards foreign influences, enabling a more diversified enrichment which is crucial to their survival and evolution.