Do you believe prayer has any merit?

Praying is a way to be in harmony with our inner supreme wisdom. To invoke this harmony, we must be aware that at no time are we ever separate from this Absolute power. Becoming fully conscious requires the creation of an inner void; free of tension (evoked by conventional beliefs), dualistic views, discordant thoughts and obsessions. Only then can we access and awaken our spiritual essence which, in turn, enlightens us.


Is there really such a thing as genuine spirituality?

Many people are interested in deepening their spiritual knowledge and awareness, but are often faced with a multitude of different experiences which challenge this quest. Is there really such a thing as genuine spirituality?

I believe that authentic spirituality is universal. It is not based on any specific culture but is focalized on the ultimate source of all creation; therefore it cannot be exclusive because from its very nature it encompasses all of humanity. All spiritual doctrine should, in my opinion, act as a bridge to the divine source but must not be confused for it. If we practice a spiritual practice, it is important to avoid the constant trap of viewing only the individual truth- by only seeing it through a limited and narrow window – and envision it instead as part of the “whole” universal Truth.

Meaning of “Love”.

What does “Love” mean to you?

I think the perception of Love is different for each of us and that this perception always dwells somewhere between wisdom and ignorance. For me, in its very essence, Love allows us to connect to the divine both from within and without. It’s a bridge between the material and the spiritual world, a universal power that maintains the unity of the world.