Novel: Philosophical or Spiritual?

Would you categorize your novel as philosophical or spiritual?

“Legend of a Nomad” is above all a philosophical novel, but there are many elements in it that can also earn it the classification as that of a spiritual one. Philosophy is an attempt to understand the world, whereas spirituality is more of an attempt at revelation, both of self and all around. The novel unites these two modes together, and so, it speaks to both our rational minds as well as to our deep inner sensibility.

Philofiction Genre

How did you develop this literary genre that you term ‘philofiction’?

I’m most at ease with interactions that occur through dialogue, both in real life and with literature, which explains why I choose to use dialogue in my writing. Fiction offers me the opportunity to invite my readers to partake in a tale or a fable- an imaginary story- with the purpose of communicating real messages pertaining to philosophical or spiritual matters. This genre of literature not only gives me immense freedom, but also permits me to propel my readers to new dimensions. In terms of its literary essence, I prefer simplistic language, which is a powerful tool when it comes to dealing with existential questions and other great matters of life.


Summary of Legend of a Nomad

In a few words, how would you summarize ‘Legend of a Nomad’?

‘Legend of a Nomad’ is the story of an initiatory journey through the five continents, consisting of a long history of encounters and interactions with a myriad of people and situations, all of which reveal that life is much richer than we can imagine. I’d like to add that this first book has been an in depth analysis of a personal evolution, as well as an excellent means of reflection and dialogue for both myself, as the author, and for many of my readers.

Book Publication

Why did you choose to self-publish rather than using a publishing company?

This wasn’t really a choice but rather a consequence due to the magnitude of my ambition. I’d be very happy if some day I’d meet a competent partner who was willing to offer professional structure to my literary work. Even with the very first sentence of my first manuscript, I wanted my books- yes, I already had thoughts of writing other ones- to be published worldwide. Although this is becoming a reality due to distribution via the internet, at the time, it seemed much harder to conceive. Therefore, I undertook my own steps in publishing internationally by integrating a concept of using volunteer translators. Today, with help of close friends, the promotion of my literature is spread through media interest. We’ll see what comes of this, but I have great confidence in its success.

Writing as a Vocation

Do you see your writing as a vocation, and if so, how and when did you realize this?

I don’t think I would have had the courage or discipline to achieve all that I have in the past several years if I didn’t see my writings as part of accomplishing a mission. So when and how did I realize this? It started with premonitions, signs that guided me towards my deepest aspirations. These feelings or premonitions were of an intuitive nature, sometimes triggered by direct experiences, and so, it was through my intuition that the path to follow was revealed to me. It’s this internal guide that illuminates the right way by giving meaning and reasons to every important moment on our journey. Today, this vocation is authenticated by living examples; how else can you explain that my work is translated and corrected in over a dozen languages by nearly one hundred professional translators and linguists worldwide, all of whom work as volunteers? Is it for friendship’s sake? Yet, I knew none of these translators when I requested their help with the translations. It couldn’t be because of my reputation since this is my first book and so I was unknown before its publication.  Is it due to my literary ability? I would think not since I had no prior experience in the writing field. It’s not for profit either since my book can be read free of charge on my website. So doesn’t this make you wonder? Without a doubt it does, just like many things in life…

Fiction and Philosophy

The use of fiction may be very useful for a philosophical writer, but do you think it might make it more difficult for the reader to decipher reality from its fictitious premise?

That could be the case, but nevertheless, it’s an exercise I invite readers to try. My intention through my writings is to captivate the readers in such a way as to increase their awareness of issues related to everyday life and to have them reflect on their deepest aspirations; ultimately, to have them discern their own reality. The gap I create through time-space concepts invented in my writings hopefully allows their imaginations to flourish and increases their awareness to the endless possibilities open to them. This gap can help every reader have a broader vision of reality, to surpass their limits, and perhaps even, to reach a higher state of reality. In addressing the key themes in my writings, namely the revelations made by our imagination and spiritual growth, I hope to have the readers understand that the boundaries they usually face- through their reflections and daily experiences- are arbitrary and illusionary. In my opinion, it is only when we move beyond our misconceptions of this illusionary world around us that we can access the deeper meaning of our existence as well as all other existences.

Author’s Literary Endeavors

Why do you offer your e-books free of charge?

My literary endeavors reflect my personal evolution- they provide a path aiding in my personal progression and growth. I offer different digital versions of my manuscripts free of charge so that as many readers as possible, worldwide, can share this adventure with me. My activities are certainly not for financial wealth, nor for egotistical reasons. I’m motivated purely by a deep and sincere sense of altruism. It is through this sentiment that I aspire to feel a sense of fulfillment. The novel I’m currently writing discusses precisely this- altruism- and the fact that our potential cannot be fully explored and expanded upon without generosity. To learn how to develop our intrinsic capabilities, we must first learn about generosity, and leave any rivalry or competitive compulsions aside. Generosity teaches us the benefits of having a “giving” attitude; “giving” and “doing” without expectations or need to see results. Is there any greater freedom?