Purpose of Author’s Writing

Do you write for yourself or to share your messages with others?

I don’t think people write solely for themselves; sure, it’s partly for us but also for the audience we have in mind, and for anyone, in general, who is interested in reading our work.   Philofiction is a genre of literature that cannot be satisfactory without questioning the meaning of certain thoughts and ideas. In using philofiction as my style of writing, my aim is to engage readers in an exchange of thoughts over the ideas I’ve written about, thus forming a community between themselves and I, based on our mutual desire for wisdom and openness.

Virtual World in Literature

The virtual world is becoming an increasingly large part of the real world, which, in turn, is causing several important changes in the literary world. How do you see the role of writers changing in the future?

It is obvious that e–books, as well as other technological advancements, have significantly revolutionized the way books are sold and distributed. Some writers have already made their books available online, usually for a small fee. However, the Internet is much more than just a showcase; it is also a place of exchange, a channel through which dialogue between the author and his readers can take place without intermediaries. So, increasingly, we will see new groups of readers forming communities based on their similar literary interests. The members of these virtual communities will be able to fully interact, not only with the writers themselves, but also with each other. This is a development that will undoubtedly change the traditional literary world, although there will always be a place for promotion and publication of the old market, As a result, authors and publishers will have to adapt to this development, since it’s obvious that publishers will begin to use virtual tools as a means of communication, in addition to using technology in a creative and commercial way.

Novel or Film?

How would you feel about a film based on your first novel? Novel or film, which of these two media formats do you believe offers the best setting for deeper reflection on your messages?

If a film could be made that would respect and optimize the messages I relay in my book, then I would feel rejoiced. I believe both narrative film and novel to be equally valuable in providing an optimum setting for reflection. The only difference I can see is that in novel form, the reader uses his imagination, whereas in film, the images are imposed on the viewer leaving little room for imagination. Actually, I would find this an interesting exercise: to evaluate which format, novel or film, is more conducive for further reflection and questioning. I would not want the comparison to be about determining which format is best in general, but which we, as individuals, find more suitable for our own learning.