Children With Evolved Spiritual Consciousness


What can you tell us about children who are born with a considerably more evolved spiritual consciousness than the average person?

Some souls join the human race with a higher than average level of vibration. They incarnate on this planet embodying unconditional love. Their presence brings about beneficial changes leading to Ascension as a whole. Their mission is far from being easy, but they have the courage to come regardless of the difficulties awaiting them; the lack of respect, conflicting relationships, false interpretations of love, and other factors of the era we live in. These children’s parents, and the environment in which they grow, can assist them in accomplishing their mission. They need our support because they face societies that generally have little comprehension, and who, as of yet, have little means of adhering to these children’s level of evolution.

Parent’s Role in Children’s Spiritual Education


What advice do you have for parents interested in providing their children with a spiritual education?

All children are born with numerous characteristics, unique only to themselves. Therefore, the first step is to assess the special affinities of their spiritual level or maturity, and to then orient them accordingly. This is done by observing their ability in understanding the divine aspects of life, both their own and that of life in general. Parents play a crucial role as initiators, regardless if they fulfill this function in the same manner. The spiritual doctrine that applies to all children is that of Goodness. With regards to children’s discovery of the world, we as parents, and ideally as a society, show them the universality of the world, the vision that transcends any racial, religious, economic and other divisive concepts.

What provokes the great changes in our lives?


What provokes the great changes in our lives?

Triggers for a need of profound personal change, is generally linked to a series of events that provoke a crisis that greatly disrupts our lives. It could be a sudden grave illness, a break-up in a relationship, the loss of a loved one, the uprooting of a profession, or very simply, a meeting with a person of great wisdom. Often these changes appear following states of great worry and suffering. It’s through these painful ordeals that doubts arise, and questions are raised. Therefore, it’s the impact these events have, that helps us become aware of the necessary changes needed to give a new and greater meaning to our lives.

Beliefs and Spirituality


Isn’t the recourse of beliefs, to keep the sentiment of a spiritual essence alive, not simply one of the most primitive needs of man in order to face the hardships of today, the future and the afterlife?

Without a doubt, and it is also the driving force for change, personal transformation, transcendence to surpass oneself, in order to relate with the divine, and to simply give the world more love, respect, understanding and tolerance.

Spiritual Journey

Spiritual Journey

How do we begin our spiritual journey?

The desire for transformation is the starting point of all spiritual realizations. This deep desire gives rise to new intentions, and these intentions carry within them volition, aspirations and a much higher vision of life. Everything we focus on, fortifies itself in our lives, whereas what we pay little or no attention, disintegrates in our consciousness. If our intentions are focused towards a material existence, that is what we will develop. If, however, we have a profound desire to converge with our souls, we move from a fragmented perception of things to a much greater awareness of the Absolute.

What does it mean to be “awakened”?


What does it mean to be “awakened”?

Awakening is an inexhaustible state of mental and spiritual energy. The term “awakening” is interpreted as the cessation of all separateness or division within our person. This is referring to an integral way of perceiving, which is complete and free of any duality. When we experience this ultimate realization, we perceive less and less separation between the world and the Absolute. There remains only a state of uninterrupted creativity from which we are deeply aware that the universe is constantly sending us signs, as well as synchronized events,that lead us to experience,to the fullest, our highest goal in life.



Does “transcending” mean to withdraw from the world?

Spiritual transcendence does not mean leaving the world; quite the contrary in fact, it means penetrating more profoundly into the world.  It also does not mean cessation of relating with others. Transcending is doing or acting without an attempt to impose one’s person in any given situation. In other words, transcending consists in doing without attributing a central place to one’s self, and without preoccupation or concern of the impression we give of ourselves through our actions –doing selflessly for the better good of all.