The Dance of Death

Nathan knew that Songo had a construed view of death.  The last time they had talked about it, Songo had only touched on the subject. Nathan thought now was an appropriate time to resume the talk.
“According to you, what do you think happens after our lives are over?” Nathan asked Songo.
Songo looked attentively at Nathan, guessing all the questions that the latter had in mind.
“That question is sufficiently important that we need to give it time to address it properly and thoroughly.” Songo said.
Songo pointed to a large tree at the top of a small hill and said: “Let’s go sit under that tree. Its shade will keep us cool.” Once there, Songo continued:
“What I’m going to tell you are the convictions of an old man based on an existence consecrated to prolonging life here on earth, and therefore delaying to later what comes after.”
“That’s only making me even more curious!” Nathan expressed.
“We can divide into three groups the people that need healing. In the first group, time has not yet decided to send death. To heal these people, knowledge and experience is sufficient.
“Time?” Nathan asked.
“It’s time that decides when death will dance?” Songo said.
“Death can dance?” Nathan asked intrigued.
“Yes, it does so when it comes to get someone.”
“Dancing? But certainly, death is not something to be joyful about!” Nathan stated. Continue reading

Quest For Wisdom

Where is your quest for wisdom coming from, and why have you chosen to share it through literature?

The search for wisdom is a matter that has always interested me, and my quest for it guides me through my various travels. For many years now, I’ve shared my experiences of this quest through my writings, since I think it’s an excellent medium for communication, and it also allows me to express myself in great detail and depth. Through my imagination and writings, I try to create a world that captures my reader’s attention and perceptibility, while simultaneously touching their hearts deeply. Literature provides me with the opportunity to share my thoughts with people worldwide, while encouraging them to broaden their own global visions.

Personal Evolution

How can we recognize personal evolution, and how can we accelerate this evolution?

When referring to personal evolution, we really mean the evolution of an individual’s conscience, which is recognized by the individual becoming more altruistic. His actions are less driven by his egocentric desires, and through a profound sensibility, driven more by a deep need to improve human condition. An altruistic person regards the world and those around him as more important than himself. In regards to ways of accelerating this personal evolution, I would advise being attentive and generous to all around. Being attentive and providing selfless service for the well-being of others is part of the most important pillars of the evolutionary process.

Universal Love

What does Universal Love mean to you?

The word “love” is very easily used but usually in a completely different context than what it truly means. Even though there may be traces of universal Love in many situations, “love” is usually used from a place of intellect and emotion rather than from its true profound source. As long as our vision is limited to the material our perception of Love remains limited too and we have no choice but to act from an egotistical standpoint. We may love our families and make sacrifices for our children to ensure they prosper, but yet, at the same time, we pay little attention to other children who are suffering from malnutrition or abuse throughout the world. Once we start viewing life from a spiritual perspective, we elevate our level of consciousness and we’re able then to experience universal Love. The distinguishing characteristic of this Love is the willingness and the need to help all those around us to develop and grow to their full potential. It is the type of Love that gives us an understanding that the more we unselfishly love all, be it nature, animals or other fellow human beings, the more we love ourselves too.

Universal Truth

Are you trying to propagate new insights on universal Truth through your writing?

There is no universal truth that is not already present in every cell of every human being. When a reader reaches an insight through what I write, they merely recognize a truth that is already within. With divine reality, no idea or insight is ever new, no matter in which way it is transmitted. It is just a reminder of something forgotten; a memory that is reawakened.


Wisdom and Knowledge

What is the difference between knowledge and wisdom?

Wisdom is not a teaching or knowledge in of itself, but rather our mind’s proper deciphering of the relevance or standing of things, experiences, ideas, as well as all forms things can manifest themselves in. Wisdom offers a much broader perspective on things rather than just purely intellectual or analytic reasoning; it is a better way to correctly perceive things rather than defining them in words or concepts.


How can we rid ourselves of “conditioning” if it is indeed in our memories?

Our thoughts react to what’s stored in our memories, starting with the conditioned part of our conscience. This means that each thought is formed as a result of the past therefore no thought can ever be new. A thought can be the result of a combination of different thoughts, which no one conceived before, but it is still based on the past, and therefore, on conditioning. Something brand new can only emerge if we manage to clear contents of the past, which doesn’t imply their disappearance from our consciousness, but simply not allowing their dominance in our thoughts. The potential for insight or foresight is called intuition; most of us underestimate the value of this potential because we’re so attached to the old ways of thinking that we remain closed off to other methods of observation and perception, thus preserving the past, and conditioning. In essence, to rid yourselves of conditioning, listen to your intuition or inner self, since that comes from a place of truth, and is the only way to generate brand new thoughts.