Behind our Identity, we are a Universal Spirit

It doesn’t matter what sort of a body we showed up in this life, in which country we were born or what religion we are affiliated with. Ultimately, there are no Africans, Asians or Americans. Nor are there Christians, Muslims or Buddhists. Those are not more than classifications made to distinguish us from one another in our present form. Precisely as the name we carry, knowing very well, we are not that name.

Identities are found in a temporary phase. In a time point in what we call life, an individual expression of eternity. Once this statement is completely understood, we don’t feel the desire to fight the battle of our ancestors. We don’t have the need to love what they loved and hate who they hated. And so we no longer participate in the tribal consciousness in which we perceive ourselves to be so different than another by virtue of our nationality, beliefs or skin color.

Our freedom depends largely from how we are able to let go of our identifications. By choosing to walk away from our tribal ancestral history. We need to understand that these ego identifications have been the source of wars and of the slaughter of hundred and millions of human beings. And comprehend that seeing ourselves as universal beings without ethnic or cultural identities, is a wonderful and very effective way to transform our world and reach a sacred place for all of humanity.

The Gift of Free Choice within a Universal Order


The laws of the universe, from the main law of cause and effect to the most basic physical laws, apply equally to all of us. What differentiates us and what creates our uniqueness, is our personal connection with the Divine.

There is no need to worry too much about the laws and cycles of the universal order. They take care of themselves. What is much more important is how we embody the laws of the universe, whenever we exercise our power of choice.

Let’s face it, there is no doubt about the fact that each time we make a choice, it has a consequence, which is a universal truth. It means something that is a reality, at any place, any time and for any of us.

Without a doubt, we can influence the quality of consequences by being mindful in our intentions. And the fact that we are free to determine our own intentions reflects that we all have a deeply intimate relationship with the divine.

The Spiritual Path


We all have a life mission, a spiritual challenge to face our fears with courage, self-confidence and faith:

By acknowledging the opportunities every single fear represents.

By learning their inherent lessons.

By overcoming whatever weakness they indicate.

By developing our unique aspect of the divine power.

This divine potential is the fullest expression of our own truth. It is a path full of surprises and discoveries, on which we develop our abilities to express love through compassion, forgiveness, generosity and wisdom.

So yes indeed, the spiritual path is a path in which we are meant to struggle. A path in which we learn to make right choices.

But it is also a path, in which we find divine guidance. A path, called to rise above our lower needs and attachments. A path, inviting us to enlist a higher plane of consciousness.

This spiritual path brings us beyond our limited knowledge in which we understand, step by step, the greater meaning of this experience called life!


Inputing the Life of the Soul on the Ego


As we grow in our spiritual awareness, our higher nature is more fully manifested in our choices and actions, giving us greater freedom and a growing power in this world. I would like to point out that during this evolution, a real danger surges.

In fact, forces opposing all spiritual growth try to pervert our pure intentions, and therefore there is a risk in being tempted to succumb to the ego’s desires and its needs which stem from the subconscious.

It is important to remain alert and vigilant in order not to be naively deceived by the illusions created by the ego. It is therefore imperative to understand the ways in which the ego can easily disguise itself as a spiritual guidance and trick us.

Those who desire to radiate divine light from within, in the purest and most dedicated way, must learn to master their spiritual power, and therefore harness this new force into divine action.

This entails intense and permanent work, consisting of confronting and integrating the contents of our hidden and subconscious shadows, in order to free ourselves from them once and for all.

Our ego then becomes more capable of transmitting this new spiritual consciousness. We perceive as well that our minds gradually adapt, and in a perfectly coherent way, to this state.

At the same time, our physical bodies and its instinctive nature, also evolve in the same direction. Progressively, we develop our discernment and can more easily make a clear distinction between the voices of the ego and those of spiritual awareness.

By the grace of our soul’s light, and by the efforts of the body and mind, our Being engages in what can be called a spiritual transformation, allowing us to live in a more connected way with our highest Selves.

Ego and Self finally attain a perfect balance. Even if we still come across obstacles and resistances that require our full attention, we are now living the Life of the soul.


What event prompted you to commit yourself this way, and what has this commitment brought you?


What event prompted you to commit yourself this way, and what has this commitment brought you?

Having always been curious of the unknown, and always being very attentive to others, I’ve always lead a very full life, both culturally as well as spiritually. It was after a few of my many travels that I told myself that it would be interesting to write books and maintain a blog, which would allow many other people to benefit from my experiences. The many testimonies and messages of encouragement I receive, confirm to me that this project was not just a good idea but indeed a life project.

Morals and Values Today


What do you think of the current state of morals and values?

There are large differences between each culture but let’s say that in general, the situation is troublesome. We are witnessing a terrible decadence, whether at the level of education, entertainment, and living with one another. All one has to do is to turn on the television to realize all of this. The information we are given is nothing more but a propaganda tool aimed at creating division between the masses. The entertainment programs have taken a dominating role and demean man not just as a mere consumer, but as a consumer product itself. It’s no wonder that human relationships can be summarized more and more as sterile discussions and exchanges with very little depth.



awakening of mind_body_soul

What is your definition of happiness?

I would say that happiness is when we are in accordance with ourselves and with everything around us. That translates into a feeling of peace and harmony, and this feeling permits us to access the best of oneself and of others. A happy person can be distinguished by his luminosity, which brightens his path and reflects on all those around him.

Awakening Consciousness


How does the awakening of our consciousness occur?

The awakening of consciousness is first of all related to our ability to give meaning to the events of our lives. This awakening is revealed in the form of visionary clarity that has the ability to transpose us beyond the consequences of our actions, and leads us to more profound questioning. But the awakening of the consciousness is also linked to signs, encounters or meetings, and most particularly, to synchronicities. These events help us associate different facts and see their subtle relationships. They incite us to question, permitting us new levels of understanding and engaging us in making certain decisions which might prove decisive for our spiritual evolution.



What do you think of the thesis that says it is not good to judge? Is not judgement the practical implementation of our experience?

We must make a distinction between judgement and discernment. Discernment is differentiating in the most objective manner, in other ways, remaining as neutral as possible. With judgement, there is the addition of emotions, whether positive or negative, to what is objectively perceived.

It is clear that we have an absolute need for discernment, but judgement can be very harmful since it brings nothing to oneself or another. It is very important to distinguish between these two; too many judgements, prevents questioning, but no longer daring to discern, with the pretext of not falling into judgement, obviously prevents all evolution.



How do you see faith? And is it necessary for spiritual growth?

There are several levels to faith; the first, reminds us that each moment of our lives, we are deeply connected to the divine, and this reminder appears in the form of ‘hope’ whenever it deems it necessary. The second, invites us mentally and emotionally to uncover the mystery of our Beings within this existence. And finally, faith, by its sacred nature, leads us to the dimension of transcendence.