Everything is Connected

Nathan was becoming aware that every action brought about a consequence.  Trying to organize his thoughts more clearly, he shared his reflections with his father:
“Would this mean that there is a greater coherence to the world than meets the eye?”
“Everything is connected!” Mauro had pronounced these words in a serious tone, and so Nathan understood this to be a very important revelation!
“Everything, really?” he asked.
“Each change leads to other changes which in turn lead to yet more changes. So much so, that we can say that ‘nothing is, all becomes!”
Nathan tried to grasp the importance of this new information. Mauro stayed quiet and, opening a bottle of water, splashed some of the water on his forehead and brushed his hair back. Nathan stood watching his father until the latter gestured for Nathan do the same. While imitating his father he suddenly experienced a moment of clarity; a very clear thought came to his mind: If everything influenced everything else, than that meant that everything was indeed connected! Nathan realized now the conclusion his father wanted him to reach. Mauro saw, from Nathan’s eyes, that the message had been successfully delivered and completely understood.
“If everything is connected then wouldn’t that mean that everything in the universe forms a single whole?”
“We never forget what we ourselves discover!” concluded Mauro.

The dialogue is quite self-explanatory. Nothing stands alone without implications or consequences towards something else. Even thoughts and feelings, seeing that they’re energy,  emanate vibes to the universe, even if they brought about no actual action or words.

Universal Order and Chance

When you talk about universal order, what role do you think “chance” plays?

“Chance” is a word we use to describe a situation that is accidental or unexpected; situations that seem to happen haphazardly without apparent cause. The question is whether these “chance” events are really unexpected or whether they are the result of circumstances for which we are unaware. For example, suppose we meet someday “by chance”, will we really categorize this encounter as chance? Or is it the result of a series of circumstances that led up to this encounter? You already know the answer; every event occurs following a series of other events, a perpetual chain of cause and effect. Therefore can we really say that a situation is totally unexpected? Or is it wiser to refer to these situations as those we know the cause of and as those we don’t?