Author’s Beliefs

What are your beliefs?

First, I think that everything is connected, that all is part of a single entity, and that there is an order that extends far beyond what we see, a harmony hidden behind our sensory reality.

Second, I am persuaded that we can find this harmony by virtue of a unique force that can free us from our blind desires caused by egoism; a force that shows us that if we want to live fulfilling lives, we must take an interest in all living things: This force is Love.

Third, I think that there is an innate kindness within all of us that is far greater than we can imagine, and because of this kindness, we can give greater meaning to our existence, and therefore gain access to the universal order and its hidden reality.

Universal Truth

Are you trying to propagate new insights on universal Truth through your writing?

There is no universal truth that is not already present in every cell of every human being. When a reader reaches an insight through what I write, they merely recognize a truth that is already within. With divine reality, no idea or insight is ever new, no matter in which way it is transmitted. It is just a reminder of something forgotten; a memory that is reawakened.


Universe within us…

It’s clear that we’re in the universe, but it’s also said that the universe is within us. Can you elaborate?

The more we understand the true nature of man, the more we improve- or can better determine- our connection with the universe. The more we develop our spiritual intelligence, the more we become aware of the fact that all is connected, and the more intelligent the universe seems to us. The universe always gives back what we put in it, only it does it infinitely more.


Paranormal Phenomena

Do you believe in paranormal visions and other phenomena?

I know that these things do indeed occur. Besides, an event is mysterious only until and when we’re able to understand it. Personally, I pay little attention to impressionable or confounding phenomena which I have not witnessed myself. However, others do, and if this brings them closer to the universal Source, then why not? As long as these events are not fraudulent or invented and do not encourage an unrealistic attitude towards life, than I see no harm. Reality is much vaster than we can imagine and so anything is possible; I’ve seen and lived enough things in my life to affirm this with certainty.

Universal Morals

Is the notion of universal morals central to your philosophy and dialogues?

Although a philosophy may be a bearer of ethical and moral values and therefore contribute to exemplary conduct and behavior, its role remains limited. Philosophy can describe a discourse embracing a vision of the world, but not a real truth, otherwise it wouldn’t be philosophy any more. What I try to bring forth through my writing- and I think both my own philosophy and philosophy in general can play an important role here- is that everything that exists is permeated by a superior intelligence. My work, essentially, focuses on revealing the existence of a universal order which provides structure to all of creation, rather than a universal moral sense.

Universal Order

In your writings you often talk about “universal order”. What do you mean by it?

I would say that where many see randomness and chaos, I see a meaning and order that connects every moment and every situation. The universal order is one that is found in many dimensions and at many different levels, at times in scopes that are difficult to imagine. The ascertainment of this order gives us a better understanding of events, although not everything can be clarified, I think one should never eliminate the unknown because it encourages us to question things. I consider it both wise and humble to be able to admit that if we are unable to fully comprehend all aspects of the structure in the world we live in, it is because of the limitations of our mind, and not because of the limitations of the order ruling the universe.