Epilogue of Legend of a Nomad

It was with great satisfaction and with a feeling of great commitment that I wrote this novel. It has become a book in which I tried to clarify my vision of the unity of all things as well as the unique role we have to play.

It is to be hoped that this story will encourage each of us to pay more attention to the deepest reasons for our existence. Therefore, “Legend

of a Nomad” is, to a large extent, encouragement to each of us to seek our true destiny or life purpose.The story shows that, to find our destiny, we must first open ourselves to everyday events that attract our attention in a seemingly coincidental manner. Thus we slowly discover that we possess a strong source of inspiration.From then on, a creative process takes place in our soul, which will give our lives a completely different perspective. As our attention, to this inner reality, increases we recognize more clues that are linked to seemingly innocuous occurrences, and we become aware that the world is a creative process in which we are actively involved.

In this way we become more creative within this world. To the extent we develop this creativity, we connect with the spirituality within and become aware of our destiny.

Naturally, this realization is a life-long process. It comes about through continuous affirmation of both our inborn talents and facing our limitations. When we finally sense our unique task, we will then be able to use all our capacities fully.

This story shows how our instinctive guide, the power of our intuition, can make us more aware of the scope of our actions and the extent we clearly define our life path by our choices.

The story also shows us that, as our confidence in this instinctive guide increases, new insights emerge. As a result, we will learn to understand the meaning of our experiences and be encouraged to develop the potential within us.

Our intuition is nothing less than a power that propels us towards our destiny. It accompanies us to the original desire that brought us to earth and helps us to realize our life purpose, which is higher than all others we can imagine; a purpose that allows us to discover a life lived in freedom; a purpose that is more far-reaching than our own temporary individual existence.

Finally, I would like to share a last thought that was given to me during my childhood and resulted in being amazingly accurate for all the cultures I’ve come into contact.

Every person who is devotedly dedicated to his or her true destiny, follows the path of love. He or she is therefore able to affect his or her fellow human beings so they can in turn become aware of their destiny and thus dedicate themselves to their life purpose with devotion.

In my opinion – and that of many others – what this is really about, is the way each of us attempts to give the respect we feel to each life form and to follow the path of love, in consideration of a greater vision.

When humanity is willing to share this life vision we will, at the same time, ensure that our errors are not transferred to the next generation and we can provide them with a greater possibility of satisfying their own inner desire!

My thanks to everyone for your interest in this message.

~Alex Mero


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