Awakening Consciousness


How does the awakening of our consciousness occur?

The awakening of consciousness is first of all related to our ability to give meaning to the events of our lives. This awakening is revealed in the form of visionary clarity that has the ability to transpose us beyond the consequences of our actions, and leads us to more profound questioning. But the awakening of the consciousness is also linked to signs, encounters or meetings, and most particularly, to synchronicities. These events help us associate different facts and see their subtle relationships. They incite us to question, permitting us new levels of understanding and engaging us in making certain decisions which might prove decisive for our spiritual evolution.




What do you think of the thesis that says it is not good to judge? Is not judgement the practical implementation of our experience?

We must make a distinction between judgement and discernment. Discernment is differentiating in the most objective manner, in other ways, remaining as neutral as possible. With judgement, there is the addition of emotions, whether positive or negative, to what is objectively perceived.

It is clear that we have an absolute need for discernment, but judgement can be very harmful since it brings nothing to oneself or another. It is very important to distinguish between these two; too many judgements, prevents questioning, but no longer daring to discern, with the pretext of not falling into judgement, obviously prevents all evolution.



How do you see faith? And is it necessary for spiritual growth?

There are several levels to faith; the first, reminds us that each moment of our lives, we are deeply connected to the divine, and this reminder appears in the form of ‘hope’ whenever it deems it necessary. The second, invites us mentally and emotionally to uncover the mystery of our Beings within this existence. And finally, faith, by its sacred nature, leads us to the dimension of transcendence.

What is the quality that you most appreciate?


What is the quality that you most appreciate?

I would put sincerity on the forefront. People that are honest always try to act according to truth, and their actions emanate from a deep sincerity, and consequently, are of great purity. The expression of truth is probably what is most lacking within humanity. We would take a tremendous step forward if we were all more aware, both personally and professionally, just how lies and deception are the source of the majority of problems confronting us.

Wishes For A Better World


Is it your desire to change the world, and if so, is this desire based on rational reasoning or on a utopian ideal?

Whether we wish it or not, the world is built through our life experiences. Every one of us changes the world with our choices and actions. Personally, I’m of the opinion that humanity has a meaning and a purpose, and some of us are aware of this, and others not, or at least not enough. But we should all realize one day that life has some very mysterious aspects, and that within this world, there are forces in action that are beyond us. We all try to understand the world, although in vain, through rational logic, but life is not limited to our intellectual potential; it’s order and construction far exceeds what we can understand.

Is Love Selfish?


Love, in the absolute, cannot be selfish since it is based on exchange. Obviously, in every day life, all forms of love reflect a personal story, conditioned by a particular education and cultural background, creating a truly unique experience. If we want to measure the egocentric dimension in a relationship, on one hand, we must examine what is of a possessive nature, in other words, what separates us from our partners, and on the other hand, what is of a creative one, that which brings us closer to them.


Benefits of Meditation



Why should we meditate? And is meditation beneficial for everyone?

Through meditation, we attempt to experience the very nature of reality within ourselves. It is a way to discover who we really are and to better understand what is essential in life. It helps us become One with the only real movement, without the help of our memory. Meditation is direct contact with the present moment. It is a wonderful way to observe ourselves, our sensations, thoughts, recurrent feelings, and our lifestyles.