Prologue of Legend of a Nomad

This book invites you to step aside from your everyday reality for a moment in time, and to absorb yourself into a different and timeless one; one of great inspiration, adventure and mysticism, one that will no doubt carry you to a different realm on the wings of your imagination. So let your imagination flow with wild abandon, for imagination is a precious gift you possess and it will ensure you a gratifying and life-changing climax to this story. Legends usually convey very special messages; messages that give us a broader perspective on the mystifying events that sometimes impact the profoundest parts of human existence.

From a very young age, I’ve worked on expanding my perspective on life. I’ve always had a very keen interest on the different points of view of life, from every corner of the globe, and therefore exploring this world and searching for what inspires mankind has become my greatest passion in life.

Exploring other cultures and being witness to their variant lifestyles was extremely stimulating and inspiring. Upon meeting different people, I tried to grasp the sense and meaning of their words, and to understand the reasons behind their every action. By immersing myself fully into their cultural realities, I was forced to re-evaluate my thoughts and opinions in order to get a better understanding of the revelations beheld to me. Therefore, I gained a better understanding of the vast parallels between cultures.

I was also very attentive to the multiple manifestations of emotions which were behind every word and action of these people. Gradually, I penetrated into a very mysterious world, the world of emotions. As I grew to understand this world, I learned how emotions are created, how they subsist, and especially, how we relate to them. I became increasingly aware of how most passions, fears, and joys arise, and what diffuses them.

These insights helped me to better understand the diversity of life in a broader sense as I became better acquainted with the different forms of learned behavior, especially those I was confronted with personally. Consequently, I was enlightened to the ingenuity of mankind in creating his reality. My inner guide assisted me in correctly interpreting the wealth of information I was discovering, thus giving me clarity and confidence to better appreciate the wonder and miracle of life.

That inner guide was none other than my intuition, a power we all possess and that teaches us to understand the signs accompanying all events; it encourages us to listen to our true feelings and incessantly leads us to our personal destinies. No event happens by pure coincidence; all have profound meanings and move within a determined cycle. I learned to recognize the miraculous order that reigns in the universe, and upon reflection on the profound reasons of existence, I’ve realized the great gift we all possess; that deep inner desire to understand the purpose of our lives, to follow our destinies!

It is this inner desire that prompted me to write this book, which is a compilation of Old Wisdom and anecdotes from the many cultures I was privileged to partake in. With each page, this story reveals how to live in harmony with our surroundings, and how to discern the profound reason for our existence.

It is with great pleasure that I share this story with you, with the hope that it enhances your awareness to the great miracle that life really is.

~Alex Mero

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