How Are We “Conditioned’?

How are we “conditioned”, and can we ever completely free ourselves from it?

Wherever we are or go, we carry with us an image of ourselves. We create and re-create this image based on our thoughts, words and actions. This image was progressively installed in our minds by the influence of our culture, education, traditions, nationality, and all the things we identify ourselves with. With time, we develop certain habits and a certain structure of thought that is the origin of our behavioural patterns, which are very difficult to break free from. Our choices then, become very restrictive and our habits become the boundaries of our world. Freedom from this conditioning can only be done by gaining awareness of how our thoughts are formed, especially the persistent negative thoughts which we have been identifying ourselves with.

Inner Richness

One of the male dancers spoke:
“Catalina is a marvelous choreographer, but more than that, she’s a fantastic person who has the rare ability of bringing out the best in everyone.”
Another dancer spoke up:
 “She repeated incessantly during rehearsals ‘build your movements with what you have within and you’ll discover your inner richness’.”
Yet another dancer spoke:
“We only rehearsed for a few weeks in Mexico, but each day we progressed enormously.”
“In Mexico?” Nathan asked.
“Catalina’s dance school is in Mexico. That’s where we rehearsed.” The dancer said.
“Unfortunately, the fairy tale is ending.” Another dancer said.
A different dancer also had something to say:
“This has been a very rewarding experience for all of us, both professionally and personally. It has changed my life in a very short period of time; I feel enriched inside.”

With everything in life, when you give and use everything that’s from within, not only will the things you do be special and extraordinary, but you will also learn much from your inner being, your essence. Each experience becomes richer and richer, and your inner essence becomes more and more accessible .

Pursue Your Journey…

After breakfast, the three men drove Sanah and Nathan to the bus stop, each individually saying their goodbyes. Lahcen told him:
“Pursue your journey, and among the stories you experience, tell people the ones that engender confidence. In that way, they will learn to listen to their heart.”
Next it was Saïd’s turn:
“Pursue your journey, and among the stories you experience, tell people the ones that taught you something, to incite them to use their creative power from their imagination.”
Finally, Rachid added:
“Pursue your journey, and among the stories you experience, tell people the ones that inspired you so that they can become better aware of their purpose in life.”

That’s how we should all live…Through our own journeys and experiences, we should give each other confidence and hope, teach each other, and inspire each other. Although we have our own growth to do, we are also here to help others along their own growth… What an amazing world this would be if our focus was to do these things rather then compete and tear each other down…

Author’s Motivation and Inspiration

What motivates you to write, and where do you get your inspiration?

I’ve always been attracted by the world of imagination, for the simple reason that it’s a world in which we can freely embody our thoughts. I loved visualizing my ideas through various different art forms from a very early age, but over the last few years literature has become my preferred method of communication. My source of inspiration, however, is rooted in the encounters that take place during my travels, in my conversations, and in my reading; but let’s just say that my inspiration is essentially a source of energy that comes from above, a form of intelligence which often surpasses me.

Summary of Legend of a Nomad

In a few words, how would you summarize ‘Legend of a Nomad’?

‘Legend of a Nomad’ is the story of an initiatory journey through the five continents, consisting of a long history of encounters and interactions with a myriad of people and situations, all of which reveal that life is much richer than we can imagine. I’d like to add that this first book has been an in depth analysis of a personal evolution, as well as an excellent means of reflection and dialogue for both myself, as the author, and for many of my readers.

Author’s Beliefs

What are your beliefs?

First, I think that everything is connected, that all is part of a single entity, and that there is an order that extends far beyond what we see, a harmony hidden behind our sensory reality.

Second, I am persuaded that we can find this harmony by virtue of a unique force that can free us from our blind desires caused by egoism; a force that shows us that if we want to live fulfilling lives, we must take an interest in all living things: This force is Love.

Third, I think that there is an innate kindness within all of us that is far greater than we can imagine, and because of this kindness, we can give greater meaning to our existence, and therefore gain access to the universal order and its hidden reality.

Mystic Writing

Do you consider yourself a “mystic” writer?

We would have to define what a mystic writer is for me to qualify under that definition. My writings are modest attempts at finding answers to existential questions so that we can get a better understanding of the mystery of life. If I were to claim any mysticism in my work, it would be to emphasize the need to probe more deeply into our inner world. But it would be mysticism that would be easily understood and would incite us to open our hearts.

Intuitive Writing

Can everyone do intuitive writing? What does it signify to you personally?

Intuitive writing essentially means writing in a way that is spontaneous and natural; it is never forced. But to write intuitively, it’s necessary to combine both discipline and receptivity: discipline is needed for focus and motivation, and receptivity is needed to recognize inspiration or insights as they occur. When we’re able to combine these two elements effectively, we nurture the ability to focus on our creative consciousness; a state where we’re able to recognize clearly what should be written. With practice, this process becomes naturally easier, and so a writing style is developed. For me, writing is a continuous process that involves intuitive contemplation, evaluation, and questioning; a process where I’m motivated by a deep desire for truth, and union with a higher level of consciousness.

Messages in Book

How do you know which messages are important to convey through your writing?

I don’t exist as an individual when I’m writing. I transcend past my person to embody my true self and gain insights from my Essence. Therefore, I become receptive to a higher intelligence whose messages I then relay in my writings. The dialogues I write in my books come to me in an intuitive fashion and sometimes it takes months, if not years, before I write them down. Once I decide to write them, all I have to do is direct my attention inwards and allow my imagination to flourish providing me with the right characters and circumstances required to bring these dialogues into light.

Search for the Essential

Is the main message of your first book about encouraging and challenging people to search for the essential?

Ultimately, I think that the search for the essential requires, above all, that people allow themselves to be guided by their inner voice or intuition. In my own example, while writing the book, I learned to better open myself, to the point of completely giving in to my inner guide. I discovered, as I never have before, just how intuition is a veritable force of inspiration and the incredible power it has in our creative potential, as I wholeheartedly submitted to it through my writing.