Humanity: Evolution or Regression

You talk often about the evolution of humanity, but I feel like we are living an era of regression, an era of a great loss of important values.

What is lost at the level of the physical is gained at the level of true Essence. The Essential never disappears; what bears true value subsists forever. Each direct experience with the transitory nature of the physical, gives us a new opportunity to appreciate what possesses real value and helps us to discern the Essential from the temporary or illusionary – that which is perpetually changing and non-lasting. It helps us recognize and appreciate the timeless –that which was, is and will ever be.


Personal Evolution

How can we recognize personal evolution, and how can we accelerate this evolution?

When referring to personal evolution, we really mean the evolution of an individual’s conscience, which is recognized by the individual becoming more altruistic. His actions are less driven by his egocentric desires, and through a profound sensibility, driven more by a deep need to improve human condition. An altruistic person regards the world and those around him as more important than himself. In regards to ways of accelerating this personal evolution, I would advise being attentive and generous to all around. Being attentive and providing selfless service for the well-being of others is part of the most important pillars of the evolutionary process.