Experiencing Other Dimensions

Other Dimensions

How can we experience another dimension other than the physical one in which we live?

It is possible to experience other dimensions through deep silence or during sleep. It’s in the depth of silence that a large part of our attention, if not all of it, is focused beyond our everyday perceptions. It is therefore possible to perceive another reality behind the world of appearances. In fact, this is the basis of meditation; through silence of the mind, we are able to transcend into other dimensions. ~Alex Mero

The Infinite…

Have you ever felt the Infinite?

Defining the Infinite is not an easy task seeing that very nature of thought is to separate all that we perceive in a linear time frame. And yet, we know that Existence lies beyond our concept of time, beyond all theories, and even beyond the mind. An understanding of the Infinite cannot be obtained but by an intuitive manner, through a process in which we perceive no past or future –where we ”sense” only timelessness- a process which permits us to see that Existence is nothing else than what has never been before.

Where is Humanity Headed?

Where is humanity headed, and how will we get there?

There exists a universal order behind the creation of all visible or physical forms. Additionally, what is not yet manifested in a physical form already exists, seemingly, in another dimension; although in reality, this dimension is never really separate from the physical one we know. What is visible, in whatever form, and what is not, is always connected. The question we can ask ourselves then is: within humanity, how does what is not yet visible, become apparent, or make itself known? My answer to that is: humanity’s future is revealed and clarified with man’s increasing awareness of his real destiny.

Attaining a Higher Dimension

“The little streams as well as the big rivers all end up by joining at the sea.” Pablo answered.
Nathan noticed that Pablo had just used the same symbolism as Simon.
“How do we know when someone has attained a higher dimension?” Nathan asked.
“When they no longer question how to be happy; they then live in the dimension of the wondrous mystery!” Pablo stated.
“The wondrous mystery?” Nathan asked.
“In that dimension, the path that leads to happiness becomes more and more tangible, and each experience serves to bring further clarity.” Pablo explained.
“What do we experience exactly?”
Pablo looked at Nathan and then at the flames in the fireplace, and answered: “Like I said…the wondrous mystery!”

They don’t question HOW to be happy, because happiness is in their lives through living from the heart, from the wondrous mystery. It is  a place of calmness, peace, and acceptance of life and all the wonders  around; seeing life from a grander perspective. When we see life from its true source, happiness is just there…  When I said “Place” it is not a physical place, but a vibrational place within you, in which all you see is beauty…. and all you feel is Love…

Nature’s Harmony

“How did you learn all this?” He asked Songo.
“Partly by old traditions and partly by experience,” He answered, “I believe in the power of nature and I always try to ensure its harmony.”
“What do you mean by that?” Nathan enquired.
“You will learn by observing me. You only have to see how I treat people to understand how conscious I am of nature.” Songo said.
“What do you mean by being conscious of nature?” Nathan continued.
Songo perceived Nathan’s great interest in the subject. He sat down in the same position as Nathan and mimicked the same hand gestures as the latter while he answered:
“I understand that there exists an infinitely greater power than appears possible to many of us. For that reason, we sometimes call it supernatural. But I, on the other hand, consider it a natural harmony which is accessible to each individual.”
“Many people with a modern concept of life are skeptical about what you call natural harmony, “ Nathan said, “and they see the world more in terms of great chaos.”
“Those people often have a less conscious relationship with nature and they distance themselves from its perfect harmony. They develop a blind faith in technology and have the tendency to believe that in this way they have better control of the future.” Songo answered.

All answers lie in nature… Our ancestor’s knew this. Much have we lost with time and with what we believe to be “advances” in science and technology. If you want to use common sense, then sensibly speaking, wouldn’t we be put here with all the resources necessary to sustain us? Sure, there is much learning to do as to what is useful and for what reasons, but then isn’t that the point of life here? To learn? All  answers really DO lie in nature, with its perfect harmony… If only we would stop destroying what is natural and start listening and finding the answers there…

Characters in Novel

How do your characters come into existence? Is their existence inspired more by your real life encounters or by your imagination?

When I write I find myself in a greater reality than that of my everyday life; a reality in which the conscious and the unconscious are no longer separated. My characters and their stories are all linked to this great reality. Whether I have met these people or not is of little importance; what is important is that with the creation of each character, one or more events have occurred that caught my attention, and so intuitively I knew that they would feature in one of my stories. Therefore, I suppose you can say that all my characters are inspired by my own personal experiences.


What do you think of telepathy? Is it myth or reality?

We all possess natural capacities from the Universe’s energies, and from that of matter. Even if these capacities are still very underdeveloped in the vast majority of people, they are still there in a latent state. This is true in many areas, but especially when it pertains to the power of thought. The ability to communicate in an instantaneous manner is one example of a capacity we possess, but have as of yet to develop. It’s also something we share with the animal kingdom; animals also have this ability for telepathic conveyance, but more in an emotional and instinctive level.  Man, however, is in the position to evolve this capacity to that of the mental level, therefore enabling communication directly from mind to mind.


Nature being Threatened

Your novel is, amongst other things, a human adventure experienced through natural elements. However, today, nature and its very existence are being threatened. What do you see as a solution to this problem?

The answer to your question can be summarized briefly: we need to reassess human greed. Looking back in history, man lived in harmony with nature for many years, but then a sense of ownership developed, and this resulted in exploitation of all our natural resources. In order to increase our prosperity we’ve abused these natural resources, and the consequences are being seen and felt today, and will be for generations to come. Given the limitless greed of humans, the earth has begun to respond, because just like human bodies, the earth is a biological organism with an intricate level of balance, and so when its balance is disrupted, it reacts. The only solution is a better relationship with nature, and a change in our behavior, so that balance can be restored. We need to review and change those aspects of human behavior that seek to satisfy unlimited desires- all which stem from greed- and to adapt new behaviors that respect the limited resources of our planet.


What is karma and how determinative is it in our lives?

Karma is a fundamental concept in Indian Philosophy that is translated from Sanskrit as “actions or proceedings”. In the West, karma is better known as the universal law of “cause and effect”. Our karma, to a large extent, determines our deepest desires and therefore, inevitably, our experiences. At any given moment, when our deepest desire meets with the appropriate conditions to render it to maturation, an experience will occur. If it’s a harmful desire, then a painful experience will follow; a wholesome desire, a pleasant experience. Karma is very determinative in our lives because each desire leads to an experience which provides the opportunity to gain new insights and undertake new actions. Therefore, desires, experiences and actions succeed each other according to the law of karma.


Inner and Outer World

How can we unite our inner and outer world?

We do that by examining what prevents this union.  As long as we’re persuaded that something must be concrete or tangible to be real, we approach the world with a limited conscience. There exists a state beyond time-space that conceives, creates, and controls all events happening in our time-space. The access to this higher state of consciousness- in other words, this inner world- requires a cleansing or purifying process. It’s a process in which we let go of our opinions and beliefs, and experience the world in a more innocent, spontaneous and joyful manner. It’s the cognizance of the heart that naturally unites all inner and outer reality, transcends it, and connects it with our Source.