Experiencing Other Dimensions

Other Dimensions

How can we experience another dimension other than the physical one in which we live?

It is possible to experience other dimensions through deep silence or during sleep. It’s in the depth of silence that a large part of our attention, if not all of it, is focused beyond our everyday perceptions. It is therefore possible to perceive another reality behind the world of appearances. In fact, this is the basis of meditation; through silence of the mind, we are able to transcend into other dimensions. ~Alex Mero

How Are We “Conditioned’?

How are we “conditioned”, and can we ever completely free ourselves from it?

Wherever we are or go, we carry with us an image of ourselves. We create and re-create this image based on our thoughts, words and actions. This image was progressively installed in our minds by the influence of our culture, education, traditions, nationality, and all the things we identify ourselves with. With time, we develop certain habits and a certain structure of thought that is the origin of our behavioural patterns, which are very difficult to break free from. Our choices then, become very restrictive and our habits become the boundaries of our world. Freedom from this conditioning can only be done by gaining awareness of how our thoughts are formed, especially the persistent negative thoughts which we have been identifying ourselves with.

Fear and Spiritual Growth

What are your views on fear, and does fear stall our spiritual growth?

Growing spiritually also implies that we encounter, and learn from, the darker side of our nature. Dealing with the darker side, as is the case with fear, can be seen as a “struggle” with the forces that impede our reunification with the great creative force of the universe. As we progress on our spiritual path, we will inevitably come across fear and other negative energies, but these inhibitory, and sometimes, destructive forces, have a major role within the universal order. Once we learn to conquer them, we become more aware of our specific gifts and talents. Everything is energy, and what we perceive as destructive forces, are also a form of energy, and as with all energies, they can be used both in a constructive and destructive manner. If we allow ourselves to observe with a quiet and curious mind, rather than allowing ourselves to be over-taken with the negative emotions these darker forces can bring out, then these forces become useful and a learning tool for our spiritual growth.


“We’ve met so many doctors from abroad that have come to work here,” Nathan said, “And each time I ask myself what made them leave their comfortable lives to come work in the most appalling conditions.”
“Very often, they want to test their knowledge and put it to better use. In return, they develop their ability for empathy.” Songo answered.
“Aren’t modern doctors capable of compassion?” Nathan asked.
“A great number of those who study medicine know perfectly well what they think but not what they feel!” Songo stated.
“What are they missing?”
“They are missing the realization that healing someone helps expand their consciousness.” Songo replied.
“But how?” Nathan asked.
Songo was quiet for a moment, to give strength and conviction to his next words: “Healing others helps them get closer to their essence. We can even say that in certain cases, it can help someone remember who he is…”
“By that, do you mean that we help them find their true destiny?”
Songo looked at Nathan with admiration and was silent again. He was impressed with Nathan’s ability to make the right connections.
“You couldn’t have said it better.” Songo said.

Modern medicine focuses on the body, specifically on the area of the body that is ill, and often misses the whole picture. Everything is connected, and everything is energy. A disequilibrium in one area will affect the other. A disquieted mind will prevent a physical healing. Healing the body, but not healing within, is only temporary “healing”. True healing takes place within and then without. In fact, in many cases of illness, the focus should be on the inside first. Furthermore, when you’re healthy within, chances are you take better care of the outside, the body. What makes these doctors who volunteer to work in debilitated places gain empathy, and therefore, maybe become better “equipped” to heal? Maybe because they become less dependent on traditional medicine due to lack of resources and material, and  “listen” more to the patients, to the root cause of their illness?  Just a thought…

Impelling Energy and Limitations

“I see a flowing current, able to absorb resistances, transforming them, and changing their direction.”
“What kind of resistances do you mean?” Nathan asked curiously.
“Those resistances that limit impelling energy!” he stated.
Nathan understood that this man had the ability to see the world with different eyes. In developing his abilities and in communicating what he discovered, this Indian man had found the profound meaning of his life. Nathan was very curious to know more.
“I’m sorry, but could you explain what you mean by ‘resistances’ and ‘limiting impelling energy’?”
“You don’t have to be sorry because it’s due to your curiosity that together we can give meaning to these moments!” The Indian man stated.
 Again the man took his time to clarify his affirmations. It was clear that the view he had on life was imprinted with much wisdom, and just like Songo, he used a distinctive language to be better understood. By experience, Nathan knew that from this encounter he would obtain some useful and valuable information that would help with his personal development.
“I’m referring to the physical and emotional limitations that touch each one of us when we are born onto this earth.” He stated.
Nathan understood that the Indian man was talking about faults and bad habits, but he wanted to know more about the impelling energy.
“Can I ask what you mean by impelling energy?” Nathan asked.
“Impelling energy is the mother of all energies; the one that directs everything.” He stated.
“Do the limitations you mentioned prevent us from letting this energy flow?” Nathan asked.
The Indian nodded affirmatively. 

Impelling energy is none other than the Creative Source, that which indeed is behind, connects and directs everything. It is our ultimate source of inspiration.  Our limitations, mostly self-imposed, and some socially imposed, are what prevent us from accessing this source. Learned behaviours, certain emotions and a focus on the external rather than the internal are some of these limitations.

Past, Present, Future

“Let’s go back to the subject of compensation.” He began. “It goes without saying that a payment will only be effected once the work is done … so only in the future.”
“Of course!” said Y Chao
“However, what characterizes the future is that it’s not part of reality, which is the present.” affirmed Mauro.
“But the future does exist!” said Laura in an astonished tone.
“The future will indeed exist one day, but today, it’s only in the imagination!”
Laura and Y Chao glanced at Nathan. Obviously, this subject had already come up between the three friends.
“It’s the same thing with the past.” continued Mauro. “What has already happened exists only in our memories and therefore is also part of our imagination.”
Laura and Y Chao nodded their heads, indicating that they were following his reasoning. Mauro pursued:
“We can then say that only what is happening at this very moment is real.” Laura and Y Chao continued to nod.
“What’s curious is that most people let themselves be influenced by their impressions of the past and by their hopes and fears for the future, and pay very little attention to what’s actually happening this very moment in the present.”
Maura took another sip of tea, allowing the time for Laura and Y Chao to absorb this information. Nathan helped them further by clarifying his father’s proposals:
“There are many who are completely unaware that reality only takes place in the present moment…”
“Does that mean that it’s only the present moment that counts?” asked Laura. Mauro looked her in the eyes and said:
“Have you ever done an act that is other than in the present moment?”
“No, that’s impossible!”
Now Mauro looked at Y Chao:
“Have you lived any experience in any other moment other than the present?”
“It’s impossible.”
Mauro looked around at each of them and said, “We cannot think of anything whatsoever at any moment other than in the present.”
“What about future projects?” Laura asked anxiously.
“There too, “Mauro   answered “Remember that when you are planning them, it is only their conception that is occurring in the present and not their execution.”
“What my father is trying to say, “explained Nathan, “is that any reward we hope to obtain exists only in our imagination.”

Only the present is  real. All is imagination, the past as memories and the future as hopes or worries. Only in the present can you “do” or “change” anything. Holding on excessively to the past, prevents your full experience of the present, just as does excessive worrying or hoping for the future. This doesn’t mean you cannot think of the past, both as fond memories or experiences to learn from, nor think or dream of the future as goals to achieve, but both are not real, only the present is. So excessively thinking  or worrying of what was and what might be, takes from what is. And could impact what could be, because you may not have clarity in the “now” to make better decisions for the “when”.

Pursuing the Right Objectives

“Some people energize us, while others, on the contrary, drain us of all energy. It usually depends on the objectives we pursue, which in turn determine who we are and how we relate with others.” Mauro said.
“How do we know if we are pursuing the right objectives?” Nathan asked.
“Do you remember our conversation about our inner power?”
Nathan nodded his head. “Yes, I remember it very well!”
“The more we are aware of this inner power the better we can discern the justness of the objectives we pursue.”
“Do people frequently pursue the wrong objectives?” asked Nathan.
“The best way to determine this is to observe the energy that emanates from them.” replied his father.

We all have our own objectives, goals or destiny. The way we can determine if we’re on the right track is by listening to our inner feelings, our instincts, and by being perceptive to the signs that we are given, either by spontaneous thoughts, dreams, or “coincidences”. Nothing happens by chance. Every event, person, situation has meaning to you as an individual, and collectively as humanity.