Passion and Happiness

“Is passion a condition for happiness?” He said.
“We experience happiness mainly when we can express our creativity and joy.” Melvin answered. “Watching these young people, there’s no doubt they studied and practiced their movements with precision for days and days. In sharing them with us now, they are expressing their creativity and joy!”
“I agree.” Vadim said. “I don’t think there’s only one right path everyone needs to follow to know happiness. We obtain a happy life by searching for the path we individually feel is right, and following it.”
“Yes,” Melvin said, “First, we have to discover who we truly are, to then develop the talents we have received, and then share them with others.”
“As both of you have shown in such an exemplary fashion,” Nathan stated.

Lasting Happiness

Is lasting happiness not just a fantasy, seeing that life’s circumstances are perpetually changing?

Circumstances have very little effect on lasting happiness. Let’s take the example of people who have risen above a life of poverty: they might say that they are happier, but more income does not necessarily equate to more happiness. Unfortunately, many of us require ever increasing pleasures to have any semblance of happiness. In the long term, this dependence on pleasures can be detrimental, because a person’s happiness depends entirely on external factors. As long as a person’s happiness is based on pleasures or materialism, there can be no lasting happiness. A taste, as delicious as it is, will lose its savor; scenery, as magnificent as it is, will lose its beauty; a person, as interesting as he is, will lose his charm… Therefore, it is imperative that what gives us happiness be non-changing. Much can be said about this, but in general, the lesser attention paid to the external and the more to the internal, or the essential, the greater the possibility of lasting happiness.

Growing interest in Spirituality

How do you explain the growing interest in Spirituality?

We all aspire to be happy, and we’re realizing that professional success, prestige, fame and material wealth do not bring happiness in the long term. When we ask ourselves, and listen attentively, to what brings us happiness, we gain the understanding that it’s unnecessary to seek happiness outside of ourselves; this leads to the beginning of a spiritual quest since we realize that all the answers lie within. Happiness is the result of inner peace and Love, and not the result of any outside gains or accomplishments; It comes from spiritual growth.


The angels who appear in my stories show humans a way in which they can make their experience of love pure. These angels know that due to our illusions and our material attachments we have become used to giving importance to transient and temporary things. They understand that for this reason we are constantly influenced, and sometimes even completely dependent, on our desires; so much so, that we have got to the point of not knowing what pure love really means. These angels therefore manifest themselves in different ways to help us reconnect with the pure love that lies within us.


─ Does passion have to be one of the conditions of happiness?
Happiness is mainly experienced when one can express one’s creativity and joy, Melvin answered. If you look at them, you can see that they have carefully studied their movements. Now they express their creativity and their joy by sharing it with us.
─ I share the same opinion, Vadim said. Continue reading