Does God Hear Our Prayers?

Does God hear our prayers and will He ever answer them?

Supposing that God did indeed hear and answer all our prayers, all our demands resulting from our extremely limited view of the world -let’s imagine for an instant that God took into account the caprices of each human being and that He did in fact yield to all the pleadings and whims – could we then think of God as all-powerful?  Rather He would be a God of unprecedented weakness, a God in which it would be impossible to trust. Expecting God to do all this is far from understanding His magnitude, and attributing to Him nothing more than a human vision. God is the mastermind, the Creator of all existence, and only He knows the proper order of things as a Whole. He does answer prayers but not always in the way we expect, or in the way that is immediately perceivable, but in the way that promotes harmony and unity for all.


Wisdom and Knowledge

What is the difference between knowledge and wisdom?

Wisdom is not a teaching or knowledge in of itself, but rather our mind’s proper deciphering of the relevance or standing of things, experiences, ideas, as well as all forms things can manifest themselves in. Wisdom offers a much broader perspective on things rather than just purely intellectual or analytic reasoning; it is a better way to correctly perceive things rather than defining them in words or concepts.