Ideal World

“I see that many of you are sincere in your desire to fight injustice. In this respect, I’d like to tell you something important.”
Everyone was all ears.
“My friends, remember that when it comes to improving life on earth, there is something much more powerful and much more efficient than the will.”
Everybody was intensely curious now to know what important statement Nathan was going to pronounce!
“It has to do with understanding the world around us! Every action we undertake is dependent on that. If this understanding is rooted in the source of our thoughts and feelings, it will guide us well.”
Again Nathan paused a moment to let the meaning of his words be understood. Finally, a man in a suit asked him:  “How do we know what’s at the source of our thoughts and feelings?”
“By reflecting on what our real motivation is,” Nathan answered, “For that, we need to ask ourselves this question: what is the ultimate goal that I’m trying to attain?”
Nathan paused for a moment and then continued with fervor: “I know that you’re questioning and wondering about the best strategy to employ in organizing events, but is every one of you deeply convinced of the real reason for these events?”
He paused again. The public was completely still, mesmerized by every word.
“Ask yourselves ‘what do I think is an ideal world’, and ‘how can I contribute to it’. These are the questions that if you spend enough time on them, will give you a deep understanding of things.”
Nathan stood up, and ended his speech with strong and poignant sentences, interspersed with long pauses, which had the effect similar to that of collective hypnosis on the listeners:
“Those who are truly looking for the good will recognize each other! They will feel a powerful connection between each other and will then be able to use their full potential! Their actions will serve as examples for others, and little by little, this will lead to a transformation of the world, until it finally becomes a welcoming and inspiring place for all!”

Truly, to change anything on the external, requires a change on the internal. Perhaps not a change, but an awareness of who we are and what matters above all, Love.

Being aware, brings peace and harmony, and that influences the outside. Our thoughts, our actions, our words become ones of Love and Peace, and that has the effect of inspiring others.

THAT’s how change is made…  ~Grace



Real Love and Relationships

“What do they talk about with you?” Nathan asked.
“All kinds of problems, but usually they are all centered on the same subject. Many people imagined their romantic relationships differently. They often believed they had found real love with their partners, but with time, they became totally disillusioned.” Catalina answered.
“When do we know if it’s real love?” Nathan asked curiously.
“It’s simple; love is not real if it changes when the circumstances change!” She stated.
“In a relationship, doesn’t love and suffering sometimes go hand in hand?” Nathan asked.
“Suffering comes about when a relationship is based on need, when subconsciously, one partner wants to possess or dominate the other. What sustained that relationship in the beginning was the need for love that brought about that relationship in the first place, and then it became a habit, and often, it ends in solitude.” She explained.
“Why do some relationships seem so promising in the beginning?”
“In the beginning, feelings of love are subconsciously projected on the person we meet.” Catalina stated.
“In that case, does it mean that those feelings of love were not sincere?” Nathan asked.
“Love is always present within each of us. We don’t need someone else to experience it.”
“Are you saying that we don’t need anyone else to feel love?” Nathan asked.

“No, we don’t need to search for it, and definitely, we should not want to dominate another. Many people erroneously imagine that they can find the love they want in someone else, but no one can give us what we already have.” Catalina stated.

“What does a loving relationship mean to you, Catalina?”
Catalina took her time to properly formulate her answer. Finally, she said: “Loving is taking the time to truly be interested in one another, to be with one another, but especially to find peace with one another.”
“Then I believe I have a loving relationship with Sophie.” Nathan said.
Catalina smiled.
“We have a loving relationship with everyone, Nathan. What renders your relationship with Sophie particular is the intimacy you share together.” She stated.
“What is the most important thing about a relationship?” Nathan asked.
“To always dare to recognize the truth of the moment.” Catalina replied.
“The truth of the moment?” Nathan asked curiously.
“It’s what we learn by giving the other the possibility of expressing himself or herself, whether it’s disapproval, admiration, anger or joy.”

How much richer relationships are when the two parties feel complete within themselves, when they realize that Love has always been within, and then they embark on a relationship as a “sharing” of such Love rather then searching for it in the other… If you have the impression that Love is on the outside and you need to find it in another person to feel “complete”, then you’ll always be disillusioned.

Limiting Another’s Freedom

“Are you having some regrets?” She asked him.
Nathan looked at Sophie.
“What is in the past is in the past. Having any regrets serves me no purpose!” He stated.
“Is there something you want to change?” She asked him.
Nathan remained quiet for a moment, and then announced:
“Sophie, I have to pursue my journey!”
Sophie said nothing. She understood that there was no longer a place for her in his life at present. She had feared for this moment from the very beginning, but she could not reproach him since he had never hidden from her that he would one day continue his journey. Knowing him well, she knew that he would never change his mind. She had promised herself that she would not try to hold him back at the risk of losing him forever. After a long silence, Nathan continued: “You’re the one who is silent now…”
“You have taught me that we should never limit the freedom of another. I will give you all the space necessary for your inner well-being.”
With these words, Sophie’s eyes filled with tears. Nathan held her tightly in his arms, trying to help her find the strength to overcome her grief. Slowly, she regained her composure.
“And you? Are you also sad that we will be separated?” She wanted to know.
“Naturally… but at the same time, I also feel a form of happiness.” He answered.
“What do you mean?” Sophie asked, looking up at him.
“The fact that we will miss each other is also a form of happiness!” he stated.
“Does that mean that you will come back?” she asked hopefully.
Nathan looked deeply into Sophie’s eyes and holding her hands he said: “Sophie, I will never leave you, regardless of what the future holds.”

Nathan’s journey involves a separation from the one he loves, and thinking in  emotional terms, that’s a hard one to swallow. But thinking in the broader sense of Love, and its true meaning, it is the most natural and loving thing to do; letting the other pursue his inner desires, those that come from Truth and Wisdom. Most of us have a hard time understanding this, especially if there’s a difference in our goals, because we base our relationships solely on the emotional. And with that, there is expectations, and even control, but there is also a lack of growth, both as a unit and as an individual, because when you don’t feel the freedom to pursue what you’re meant to, there is no growth, and perhaps even, there is a regression of it. And this can only lead to problems in a relationship, not just a relationship as a couple, but in all relationships. There is a lot of misunderstanding about what true Love is, but true love would never limit another, because true Love is an understanding and acceptance of each other’s  life path. In the end, it  enriches a relationship…

Relationships and Love

─ When do we know when it is true love?
─ Love is not true love if it changes into suffering when circumstances change!
─ Is love not always accompanied by suffering within a relationship?

─ Suffering is created when the relationship has been created out of necessity. When partners unconsciously want to possess each other and keep each other under control. Such relationships are held up in the first instance by need, then by habit, but usually end in loneliness. Continue reading