How Important are Dreams?


How important are dreams?

When we are dreaming, we are accessing a consciousness that is less dense and less conditioned than our consciousness in the wake states. Dreams enable us to experience a different reality. There are three different types of dreams: the common dream, which is the most frequent, permits the release of tension by clearing our visual, auditory and tactile memory; the lucid dream, in which we are aware of the fact that we are dreaming, and in which the situations we encounter prepare us for certain events in real life; and the third type, the most extraordinary one, is the exceptional dream, which is really an astral projection. This is literally when we leave our bodies during sleep and journey in the astral world towards other dimensions. ~Alex Mero

Second Novel: The Lucid Voice

What can you tell us about your second novel?

“The Lucid Voice” is a book that accentuates existential questions and conveys the idea that in order to have an authentic and positive influence, we must search for our true potential, explore all possibilities and envision all manners of exchange and change. This book should help us integrate into the present while developing our hidden talents, so that we can live in harmony with ourselves, others, nature, and the energy that vivifies the Universe.

Receptivity- main message in book?

Is receptivity the main message of your first novel?

Receptivity, or open-mindedness, is certainly one of the most important messages in my book, but also that of union, or unification, or better termed, “connection”; connecting to oneself and to all. Recently, a friend told me: “Your book breathes union-with self, each other and the Universe.” Both books, “Legend of a Nomad” and the soon-to-be-released, “The Lucid Voice”, encourage the search for our destiny by listening to our intuition. Both also show us how to cultivate our notion of love and understanding towards one another, a subject which preoccupies people more and more, and which confronts all of us, at some point, in the course of our lifetime.