Illusion of Time


Time, is it not just an illusion?

Time does not exist. We build it, we go through it, and we are its prisoners. Time exists only through the identification that we give it, that we ourselves have created with our own minds. This identification is the product of our memories, of our accumulated thoughts, and of what we perceive as the past. This past defines our fear and hopes, and consequently, our vision of the future. When our attention is totally and intensely in the present, we feel the reality of our soul, a reality that can only be felt with the heart, and never understood with the mind. A reality that is timeless.

Experiencing Other Dimensions

Other Dimensions

How can we experience another dimension other than the physical one in which we live?

It is possible to experience other dimensions through deep silence or during sleep. It’s in the depth of silence that a large part of our attention, if not all of it, is focused beyond our everyday perceptions. It is therefore possible to perceive another reality behind the world of appearances. In fact, this is the basis of meditation; through silence of the mind, we are able to transcend into other dimensions. ~Alex Mero

Intuitive Perception

Is intuitive perception and for what purpose do we experience it?

Intuitive perception –an inner sense or “feeling”-  comes to us before our minds have the chance to name or interpret what we are seeing or hearing. It’s a perception that is outside the flow of our ordinary and conditioned thoughts, in a state where the ego does not intervene, and which permits an inner connection with an intelligence that transcends ours. Intuitive perception gives us insights into our personal destiny. The particularity of intuitive perception is that it comes to us effortlessly and without intellectual exercise.

The Infinite…

Have you ever felt the Infinite?

Defining the Infinite is not an easy task seeing that very nature of thought is to separate all that we perceive in a linear time frame. And yet, we know that Existence lies beyond our concept of time, beyond all theories, and even beyond the mind. An understanding of the Infinite cannot be obtained but by an intuitive manner, through a process in which we perceive no past or future –where we ”sense” only timelessness- a process which permits us to see that Existence is nothing else than what has never been before.

Higher Awareness

“Our higher awareness allows us to perceive the relationship between our thoughts and our feelings, and therefore to understand what is taking place within us at each moment of our lives.”
Saïd waited for Nathan to write this down, and then read the second text: “When we recognize the creative source that underlies each moment of our existence, we become more and more aware that life is a gift. And if we understand the absolute cohesion that connects us to all the elements of the universe, our confidence in the unity of the world reinforces itself little by little.”
Saïd asked Sanah to read the last text. She took the book, reading the passage in Arabic first and then translating it for Nathan:
“The experiences that we live whilst in the state of higher awareness, teach us how to give meaning to our lives and accomplish great things.”

How do we access our higher awareness? Some people do it through trance, through meditation, in a quiet or controlled environment, but I believe one can access it quite naturally just by Being… Being in the moment,…  thoughtless, without feelings, just experiencing what’s within and around us. in any given situation and in any place. Even in highly tense situations, we can access our higher awareness by what I call “stepping aside” and just observing, not letting ourselves get carried away by the emotions and thoughts such situations provoke, but observing the energy and dynamics of such situations. It’s amazing the understanding and insights we get when we’re able to do that. ~Grace


Pure Knowledge and Pure Love

“Our inner power,” continued Nathan “is it always right?”
“Yes, but it won’t prevent us from making mistakes or making wrong choices; that’s part of our personal evolution. Know that every event, even the most annoying and painful ones, can strengthen our confidence. These experiences are necessary so we can release our inner power. In that way, we can realize our life mission: increasing our knowledge!” affirmed Mauro.
“But were you not taught that our life mission was to develop pure love for one another?” asked Nathan, a little confused again.
“But they’re one and the same!” emphasized his father.
Nathan looked up at Mauro, still unsure of what he meant. Mauro explained further:
“Pure knowledge consists of knowing what is good; pure love consists in doing what is good. The more we know what is good the more we do what is good!”
“But the notion of knowing what’s good and bad, does it not differ from person to person?”
“Every individual has their own perception of what constitutes good and bad, and hence why it’s important not to stay fixed on certitudes, but to always remain open to new thoughts to adjust these perceptions.” said Mauro.
“New thoughts?” asked Nathan.
“These are thoughts that clarify our capabilities and our objectives or life goals.”

There are many words that mean the same thing as pure Love; such as knowledge, wisdom, truth etc… what struck me in this dialogue was that it’s very true that the notion of good and bad depends on how an individual perceives them. And the more certain you are of your beliefs, the less likely you are to have an open mind and question or search for more knowledge, and perhaps the less likely you are to listen and interpret your inner feelings or intuition, and the less likely you are open to any new thoughts and changes.

World Conflicts and Social Organizations

How do you perceive the conflicts in this world and what is your opinion on organizations committed to new alternatives? Which movements do you support?

Because of globalization and the complexity of our ever changing times, more and more people are seeking new certitudes; therefore it is only logical that this gives rise to many movements offering new alternatives. Modern society has the tendency to rationalize everything, which results in ever increasing legislative laws and ever decreasing personal freedoms. It is much more beneficial to promote social awareness and compassion, thus creating the opportunity for new understanding, rather than making new rules and regulations to maintain social order. So therefore I wholeheartedly support any organization or person that is wisely motivated and compassionate in character, and who offers positive alternatives for change. Personally, I try to objectively maintain an intellectual and rational view on world conflicts, and this approach enables me to distinguish between real problems and those that are propaganda or sentimental in nature. In this way, I can perceive more practical and realistic solutions to reduce world conflicts.



Ego and Self-image

What is your opinion on the relationship between ego and self-image? How can we diminish our ego without affecting our self-image?

Our self-esteem comes from who we believe ourselves to be. We become what our thoughts tell us we should be. When we understand how this works, we perceive better what we are not, and that we are in reality, other than what we have made ourselves to be. We discover a greater beauty in us, one which is not from the ego, but emanating from deep within us. This beauty is none other than Love. The more in harmony we are with this beauty from within, the more we perceive the sensory world, as well as ourselves, as beautiful.

The Great ‘Void’

The field we call “void” or “nothing”, does it really exist or is it part of our imagination?

This field exists in the dimension that we perceive as “void” or “nothing”. This dimension is the space between thoughts, objects and movements. It’s a space we cannot perceive or experience with our usual approach and that’s why it’s called “nothing”. Sometimes, in moments of enlightenment, we can become aware of this space- a space that is indeed very rich and dynamic. More specifically, this field is pure potential from which emanates, in each new moment, the only reality and all that it includes.

Is man really capable of knowing Real Love?

We perceive life through the material world all the while knowing that Love transcends the material.  Is man really capable of knowing real Love, or is he condemned to perpetually re-create new illusions based on what he thinks Love is?

The material world is a permanent evolution, whereas Love is unchanging. Life as we perceive in the material world is a continual creative process where nothing is permanent. Anyone who wants to know real Love must then focus on the immutable. However, and this is what renders the process complicated, man experiences the world through the physical, through form, which is changeable, and thus, Love never stays in the same form, losing itself across countless variant forms. It is up to us to recognize this pure Love across or through all forms, in other words, accessing it at its very essence. It is possible to experience this Love only in a state of consciousness where we are not separate from others — in a state of Whole.