Role Model

What type of person or personality do you consider a role model?

I generally accord little importance to a person’s reputation or the extent of their reputation. Instead, I focus on their spiritual power. I have had the opportunity to meet many wise people in my lifetime, and I have noticed that they all generate a natural power which is very apparent to those around them. Something I find exceptional about these wise people is that none of them seem to have a semblance of an ego; ego being that which leads to self-centeredness and egocentricity. The spiritual power that these people radiate comes from a deep inner knowledge that gives them serenity, freedom, and unshakable certitude.

Can personality change?

Is our innate personality modifiable?

We have the habit of viewing a person’s personality as something permanent. Admittedly, human beings are believed to have recognizable behaviors and personalities which seldom change, but this can’t be totally correct since  if this was true, than spiritual evolution would be impossible. On the contrary, the possibilities of transforming our personalities are endless! Our personality, like all other things, is dependent on the circumstances it’s exposed to, and we know that all things change when the conditions they’re dependent upon are altered.  The very essence of our Being is a perpetual ever-changing and ever-evolving essentiality. Each time we act in a conscientious way, a very precise intention is reinforced, and each time we resist the temptation of an act, the tendency for this temptation is weakened; and this is how our character is molded at every moment.