What Constitutes a Wholesome Relationship?


In your novel, there is reverence of a relationship between spiritual partners. Can you describe what constitutes a wholesome and healthy relationship between a man and a woman?

In order for there to be a spiritual relationship, there must be a solid base of love already present between the two partners.  Each individual must have the ability for intimacy with himself, and harmony between his inner duality. The couple can than experience a loving life together without need of exerting power over the other, and certainly, above all else, without waiting for the other to fulfill the love in their stead. This relationship than becomes one of healing; a choice to face, head on, one’s pain and emotional wounds, to than elevate and rise above them; to purify oneself.We cannot truly love another without first recognizing one’s own source of suffering. Once this stage is passed, love naturally unfolds through the divine source and enables unconditional love; a love that completely unites the two partners, in all its grandeur and beauty, regardless of the weight and shadows that covered it beforehand.  ~Alex Mero


Real Love and Relationships

“What do they talk about with you?” Nathan asked.
“All kinds of problems, but usually they are all centered on the same subject. Many people imagined their romantic relationships differently. They often believed they had found real love with their partners, but with time, they became totally disillusioned.” Catalina answered.
“When do we know if it’s real love?” Nathan asked curiously.
“It’s simple; love is not real if it changes when the circumstances change!” She stated.
“In a relationship, doesn’t love and suffering sometimes go hand in hand?” Nathan asked.
“Suffering comes about when a relationship is based on need, when subconsciously, one partner wants to possess or dominate the other. What sustained that relationship in the beginning was the need for love that brought about that relationship in the first place, and then it became a habit, and often, it ends in solitude.” She explained.
“Why do some relationships seem so promising in the beginning?”
“In the beginning, feelings of love are subconsciously projected on the person we meet.” Catalina stated.
“In that case, does it mean that those feelings of love were not sincere?” Nathan asked.
“Love is always present within each of us. We don’t need someone else to experience it.”
“Are you saying that we don’t need anyone else to feel love?” Nathan asked.

“No, we don’t need to search for it, and definitely, we should not want to dominate another. Many people erroneously imagine that they can find the love they want in someone else, but no one can give us what we already have.” Catalina stated.

“What does a loving relationship mean to you, Catalina?”
Catalina took her time to properly formulate her answer. Finally, she said: “Loving is taking the time to truly be interested in one another, to be with one another, but especially to find peace with one another.”
“Then I believe I have a loving relationship with Sophie.” Nathan said.
Catalina smiled.
“We have a loving relationship with everyone, Nathan. What renders your relationship with Sophie particular is the intimacy you share together.” She stated.
“What is the most important thing about a relationship?” Nathan asked.
“To always dare to recognize the truth of the moment.” Catalina replied.
“The truth of the moment?” Nathan asked curiously.
“It’s what we learn by giving the other the possibility of expressing himself or herself, whether it’s disapproval, admiration, anger or joy.”

How much richer relationships are when the two parties feel complete within themselves, when they realize that Love has always been within, and then they embark on a relationship as a “sharing” of such Love rather then searching for it in the other… If you have the impression that Love is on the outside and you need to find it in another person to feel “complete”, then you’ll always be disillusioned.

Relationships and Love

─ When do we know when it is true love?
─ Love is not true love if it changes into suffering when circumstances change!
─ Is love not always accompanied by suffering within a relationship?

─ Suffering is created when the relationship has been created out of necessity. When partners unconsciously want to possess each other and keep each other under control. Such relationships are held up in the first instance by need, then by habit, but usually end in loneliness. Continue reading


The angels who appear in my stories show humans a way in which they can make their experience of love pure. These angels know that due to our illusions and our material attachments we have become used to giving importance to transient and temporary things. They understand that for this reason we are constantly influenced, and sometimes even completely dependent, on our desires; so much so, that we have got to the point of not knowing what pure love really means. These angels therefore manifest themselves in different ways to help us reconnect with the pure love that lies within us.

True Love…

─ After our talk yesterday, I have received another important insight, Sophie said. I understand the basis of our relationship.
Nathan listened attentively.

─ It is our personal concern for the wellbeing of each other and of others.
Nathan smiled.
─ In all relationships, where this is the foundation, both partners develop their involvement in complete freedom. Only in this way are we able to fully experience true love.
Sophie nodded and hugged him:
─ Is that the final purpose, Sophie asked… experiencing true love?
─ When we experience true love, we feel that we fuse with our awareness and the way becomes open to experiencing our original wholeness.
─ The way to our original wholeness?
─ The way to our life purpose.