Uniting and Reconciling Different Cultures

What advice would you give to those who seek to unite and reconcile people of different cultures?

In general, intercultural relations and especially the commitment to encourage intercultural communication, has always been of great interest to me.  My experience tells me that the best approach is through peaceful dialogue. By that I mean, communicating in a peaceable manner, while accepting each other’s differences, without the need for power or domination over one another. This is how we abolish rivalries. Peaceable communication encourages sharing experiences, thoughts and ideas in a healthy and clear way; a way not based on conflicts or the need to prove who is in the right. Peaceful dialogue is the only way for those who are concerned about how they come across in their interactions, to ensure sharing and exchanging ideas which bring about the best in one another.

Economic Migration

Economic migration cannot be resolved by relocating the poor to wealthier places. What do you think is the solution?

The fundamental injustice lies in the global economy itself, which does not permit for a dignified existence for many people. The way the current economic system works is that some nations prosper through the exploitation of others who live in fear and distress. To combat poverty, a new economic system must be set up in which freedom and justice for all people takes a central role. In practical terms this means, through political powers, forcing the big multinationals to fairly redistribute wealth and resources throughout the world for the benefit of the poorer populations.

Can personality change?

Is our innate personality modifiable?

We have the habit of viewing a person’s personality as something permanent. Admittedly, human beings are believed to have recognizable behaviors and personalities which seldom change, but this can’t be totally correct since  if this was true, than spiritual evolution would be impossible. On the contrary, the possibilities of transforming our personalities are endless! Our personality, like all other things, is dependent on the circumstances it’s exposed to, and we know that all things change when the conditions they’re dependent upon are altered.  The very essence of our Being is a perpetual ever-changing and ever-evolving essentiality. Each time we act in a conscientious way, a very precise intention is reinforced, and each time we resist the temptation of an act, the tendency for this temptation is weakened; and this is how our character is molded at every moment.