Out of Body Experience

In our sleep and in other circumstances, when we feel ourselves leaving our body and going somewhere else, who/what is doing the travelling?

We all have the awareness that despite being in a body and identifying ourselves with it, we are something else in reality. It’s an “awareness” that is capable of separating from the body, and observing, without need of the physical organs or senses. This “awareness” has the ability of going beyond the body, which is limited to a three dimensional low vibrational field, and accessing other dimensions which resonate higher vibrations and are therefore non-physical.  In other words, there is an “energy” part of us that is higher vibrational then the physical part of us, and even the mind part, and can access higher vibrational fields or dimensions, or travel within the physical realm but as that “separate” energy.


Pursuing the Right Objectives

“Some people energize us, while others, on the contrary, drain us of all energy. It usually depends on the objectives we pursue, which in turn determine who we are and how we relate with others.” Mauro said.
“How do we know if we are pursuing the right objectives?” Nathan asked.
“Do you remember our conversation about our inner power?”
Nathan nodded his head. “Yes, I remember it very well!”
“The more we are aware of this inner power the better we can discern the justness of the objectives we pursue.”
“Do people frequently pursue the wrong objectives?” asked Nathan.
“The best way to determine this is to observe the energy that emanates from them.” replied his father.

We all have our own objectives, goals or destiny. The way we can determine if we’re on the right track is by listening to our inner feelings, our instincts, and by being perceptive to the signs that we are given, either by spontaneous thoughts, dreams, or “coincidences”. Nothing happens by chance. Every event, person, situation has meaning to you as an individual, and collectively as humanity.